VoicesNet Newsletter
Issue 0006
May 12, 2003
VoicesNet Publishes its First Contest Anthology

We published our first VoicesNet Anthology in April. Click here to enter our current VoicesNet Anthology Contest.

Special Announcement: Finalists and Winners for the VoicesNet Anthology II and VoicesNet Anthology III contest announced.

Future Plans for this Newsletter

We are working hard to improve our VoicesNet Newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help, then send us an email to voicesnetmedia@gmail.com. It should be very exciting!

Other VoicesNet News
  • Our Poetry Forum is booming -stop by and check it out.
  • Stay tuned for VoicesNet Self-Publishing Services.
  • VoicesNet pushes to sell Poetry Books on Amazon.com.
  • VoicesNet looking for volunteer Country Reps for non-US countries to represent VoicesNet in those countries. Send an email to voicesnetmedia@gmail.com
  • Our NEW Order Hotline phone number will be open this week.

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In This Issue:

  1. VoicesNet Publishes its First Contest Anthology

  2. Future Plans for this Newsletter

  3. Other News

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