Issue 0009
July 1, 2003

In this edition, you might see a theme edging towards how writing can help you let out your feelings.

We highlight a young author from Ohio named Melyssa Sprott.

Melyssa is our second of two managing editors here on our VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal staff.

Melyssa is also a Poetry Forum Moderator at the VoicesNet Poetry Forums.

Recently, Melyssa published her own book of poems called "Descent into the Dark".

In this edition of Visions, Melyssa writes an article about her poetry and what it means to her and then lets us read a few of her favorite works.

Our second article this week is another update from Jeff Humphrey updating you on what is going on in all of our programs.

Also, we have another International Poet Profile included as our third article in this edition. We bring you the background and a favorite poem of Ghosh Dastidar to read. Mr. Dastidar is from India. Please enjoy!

Enjoy your summer by going outdoors!

VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal Staff.

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"Writing is Very Therapeutic for Me" by Melyssa Sprott

Hi. My name is Melyssa Sprott. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1979. I moved to Ohio in 1989 to flee an abusive childhood. I find my inspiration usually through tragedy and pain. Writing is very therapeutic for me--it helps me to vent. I never knew how to deal with my painful past. Speaking to a counselor never really made me feel any better. Destructive behavior didn't help. Writing on the other hand was perfect!

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A Message from VoicesNet and Jeff Humphrey

Updates on International Poetry Ambassador Program!

Contest Updates...

VoicesNet Books are heading out the door this weekend!

A few other morsels to chew on!

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International Poet Profile
  • Name: Ghosh Dastidar
  • Country: India
  • State: Kolkata
  • I started writing poetry out of the blue during my college days when I was having trouble with my studies. In fact, at one point it seemed that I would be unable to continue pursuing higher education. All of my dreams and ambitions seemed crashing down. I felt like I was getting sucked into a vacuum. Just then, it dawned on me to approach my difficulties from a completely different angle. I tried to channel all my negative thoughts and energies into writing poetry --the more I suffered the more the poetry flowed. Writing had a very therapeutic effect on me. It felt quite refreshing and at the same time I was quite amazed with my writing skills.

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In This Issue:

  1. Intro Page

  2. Writing is Very Therapeutic for Me

  3. A Message from VoicesNet

  4. International Poet Profile

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