Issue 0009
July 1, 2003
Writing is Very Therapeutic for Me - By Melyssa Sprott

Hi. My name is Melyssa Sprott. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1979. I moved to Ohio in 1989 to flee an abusive childhood. I find my inspiration usually through tragedy and pain. Writing is very therapeutic for me--it helps me to vent.

I never knew how to deal with my painful past. Speaking to a counselor never really made me feel any better. Destructive behavior didn't help.

Writing, on the other hand, was perfect! You don't have to talk to another living soul or feel like you'll be judged. It is so simple and so easy. Writing poetry brought almost instant relief. Seeing all my pain run from my pen to the paper felt like some small justice being served. I spent 22 of my 24 years concealing my abusive childhood. It was 22 years of needlessly torturing myself. I felt so alone. I wish I had known sooner that all I really had to do was write it down to get it out.

I also see that though everyone has their own issues in life, we are never really alone. There is always someone out there who "feels our pain" or who's pain we feel.

I have been writing poetry and short stories since before junior high school. During high school I attended college bound English, Song and Poetry courses. Over the course of my life, I have written three poetry books. The first two were during junior high and high school. I thought they lacked artistic maturity and I destroyed them, an act I greatly regret.

I decided to publish the third book, "Descent into the Dark". It is a poetic journal of my downward spiral into depression, hatred, the lust for death and eventually vengeance.

I have two more books on the way, one is a small collection of short and suspenseful stories and the other is a follow-up to Descent into the Dark.

I advise anyone who may be contemplating publishing their own book to absolutely go for it. If I can do it, so can you! The process is well worth it.

Click here for ordering information about my book, "Descent into the Dark". Signed copies are available through my website

I believe that a writer or a poet's greatest accomplishment is to stir some emotion in the reader. Any emotion--good or bad. When you have made someone really feel something, you have made a difference.

Sharing your experiences through your pen can change someone's life. Maybe even save someone's life. They can feel so alone and they feel they have no reason to live; no one understands. All it might take to turn that around is one person saying, "Hey, I understand.".

My moment came not when I read the words of another, but when someone read my words and could relate. I thought, "Wow, I'm really not alone." That drives me to write. Just to think that I might reach some poor hurting soul in their darkest hour and let them know that they have survived this far in their life and they can continue to do so brings me to my pen. "Survivors are survivors for a reason."

I am a mommy of three wonderful young sons. I love helping them create finger painted masterpieces and camping in pillow forts in my living room with them. I also enjoy re-writing nursery rhymes and fairy tales so that my sons' names are said throughout the rhymes. That makes them giggle. And that makes me happy.

I am a Senior Member and Moderator at VoicesNet. I can usually be found haunting the Darker Forums as that is generally the style I write in.

I am also one of two Managing Editors for this wonderful Literary Journal. VoicesNet really is an excellent community of talented writer's and friends. I have never witnessed a warmer or more open online community. You just can't help but fit in there.

I hope to spend many years with the wonderful VoicesNet family and to become a successful author.

Here are a few selected poems from my book, Descent into the Dark:
The House That I Never Grew Up In - by Melyssa Sprott

There was no playing, no games to win.
For, this is the house I never grew up in.

There was no peeking to see what Santa brought.
And there are a thousand fights that have yet to be fought.

No games of hide-and-seek to win,
no playing in the rain, or any sleeping in.

No clothes being washed, or any floors to mop.
No dates at the door, or any friends to stop.

I love the house, but no memories I fear.
There is no joy—no family lives here.

No smiling, no crying, no laughter within.
For, this is the house that I never grew up in.

Copyright 2003

Thank You - by Melyssa Sprott

When I was all alone,
You still were there.
Although I hated myself,
You had still cared.

When I wanted to leave,
You gave me the strength to stay.
When I was comforted by my sorrow,
You showed me another way.

When I felt blind,
You gave me back my sight.
When I had longed for Death,
You showed me the Light.

Copyright 2003

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