Issue 0009
July 1, 2003
A Message from VoicesNet

Hello everyone!

Its Jeff here again! I once had intentions of writing a regular column here at the website. You can still see a few of those articles around the site.

Well, once poets from all around the world started to show up, it became so busy here that my thoughts of writing those articles kind of went the way of Limbo in Dante's Inferno (kind of suspended in animation - not given up on, but also not happening as the clock rolls by)! That's not to say that I didn't write. Boy, do my fingers hurt.

But, don't be alarmed. This is not the beginning of a regular column from me. I wouldn't do that to you (not yet - lol - we are trying to get our subscriber base increasing, aren't we?).

With so much going on, though, I thought that it was imperative that I give you an update on recent activities at the VoicesNet website.

Poetry Ambassador Program

Our new international poetry outreach program is moving right along. Just like writing books and distributing them is a distribution channel for getting certain printed words to a certain audience, so too will the Poetry Ambassador Program be a channel for getting written words to an audience. The audience will be changed, and smarter, and wiser about life, and better with the English language, and pronunciation because of these efforts.

We have signed up 23 International Poetry Ambassadors so far from all around the world and some of them will be getting their first assignments next week.

If you are interested in participating in this program by becoming an International Poetry Ambassador, then send an email to

I feel it is important to let you know how this program is proceeding because I am planning to really challenge my own creativity with this program and where we go with it.

So far I have had a chance to be in email contact with these great people and it is really awesome to be able to be talking to somebody from India, the U.K., Australia, Bangladesh, all over the US (where I am), Canada, and elsewhere about this program.

Also, I'll let you in on a little secret goal of this program. Sure, we are going to get the word out about poetry and our great website and our contests and our great contributors to all of our programs, but we are going to do more … we are going to teach reading, writing, talking, and listening along the way. To who, what, where, when, and why, you ask? Stay tuned! We will do things that have never been accomplished in our world before; guaranteed.

I especially want to say thanks to the 23 International Poetry Ambassadors for replying to our program and taking on the challenge. You have all inspired me and I hope to inspire you, too!

VoicesNet Anthology Poetry Contest Update

The VoicesNet 2 and 3 Books were created on Friday, June 27, 2003 and are being mailed out now. We apologize for the shipping delays to anyone who ordered these books and we will be glad to refund anybody's money back if they are unhappy with the delay. We want anybody who purchases the VoicesNet Anthology books to be happy or we will gladly refund their money in full.

We have also experienced some problems with responding in a timely manner to some emails and I want to also personally apologize for that. I am working hard to get these matters resolved and working smoothly on a regular basis. Your patience is appreciated with these matters.

The VoicesNet 4 Special Recognition Poems (previously called Finalists) and Top 3 winners have been chosen and will be announced on the website on July 4th, 2003. Good luck to all of you who entered this poetry contest cycle, which is for poems submitted between December 1, 2002 and February 28, 2003.

VoicesNet 5 poems have all been judged and all Selection letters have been mailed out. This contest cycle is for poems submitted between March 1, 2003 and May 31, 2003.

VoicesNet 6 poems submissions are now being acccepted. Click here to enter.

Forum Activities

Recently, it was pointed out that someone had posted plagiarized poems on our site.

"Plagiarized" means that somebody posted some poems in our Poetry Forums that they did not write and took credit for the poems.

Posting plagiarized poems is against out guidelines and we will do whatever we can in a reasonable amount of time to remove such poems from being posted on our site.

Everything is going great at the forums, stop by and read some poetry. Its summer time, so we have some lulls, but we believe that this is good, because we have plenty of busy times and we want our members to be out enjoying the earth and its beauties, not hunched over a computer keyboard all of the time (now lets not be getting the wrong idea - please come back often). Make sure you take your writing pads and pens and pencils with you, though!

We will likely see some new forums being opened up for the Poetry Ambassador Program soon, and also, as previously discussed, we will be adding some other new forums and shifting the order of the forums around a little bit. Stay tuned! I don't really think that we will need to be offline much to do these changes; we will try to do our changes during hours when we have the least amount of traffic to the site.

Visions Literary Journal Progress

Hey, how do you like the theme in this edition of writing poetry to release pent up emotions? Have you tuned into that yet. Aren't Melyssa and Ghosh interesting people?

We have received many submitted articles. If you write an article that you would like to see in the Journal, then send it to jjvoicesnetmedia@gmail.coma>

We are still getting things under control with our Literary Journal staffs and expect to get better and better and better. As soon as we get me out of the way, boy, we'll really be where we want to be. Hey, I haven't guided any platoons of blindfolded newsletter staff members off of any piers yet (lol).

Get this, our current mailing list for VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal is 8106.

Thanks for being a subscriber!

Poets in Residence Listener and Bonnie Ray Mahana

Please check out the new web pages on our site for new Poets in Residence "Listener" and also "Bonnie Ray Mahana".

Read their profiles and a few of their favorite poems. We think that you will enjoy them.


Currently we are getting better organized as we are rolling things out from our Advertising and Marketing team here at VoicesNet.

One of our goals is to sell advertising space to get the Journal to earn advertising income. If you know of any organizations that would be interested in advertising, please help us out and let them know about us and/or let us know about them and we can work out an advertising plan with them.

We are also looking to exchange advertising space with other newsletters, so if you are involved in a newsletter that is poetry and/or writer related and would like to trade some advertising space, then let us know.

Send us an email at to contact us about advertising rates.

Link Exchanges

We are looking for established and new poetry related websites to exchange links with. If you have a site that is poetry and/or writing related, then please add our link to your site and then send us an email to

Click here to get our link exchange page where our HTML linkage code can be found to cut and paste into your website!

VoicesNet Bookstore has a New Look

Click here to check it out! We are an official affiliate for, one of the most trusted online merchants on the web.

We get a small commission if you buy Amazon books through our direct feed from their site so if you are going to buy from Amazon already, please consider getting to their checkout counter through our site bookstore.

A few other tidbits of information

In the future, we are considering having a special forum just for book reviews in our Poetry Forums, especially since our VoicesNet Bookstore has been recently improved.

We are also considering having a separate forum for Movie Reviews. Lyrics could be on the horizon, too.

We do have our hands full right now with all of our exciting current programs that are in process, so stay tuned.


Well, I plan on taking a break from this middle article slot in our Visions Literary Journal when the next edition comes out later this month. Hey, is that cheering I heard? Cut that out.

I'll end this update of activities by saying thank you to all of you for making our site so great!


Jeff "JJ" Humphrey

Founder and Editor in Chief

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