Issue 0011
September 1, 2003

It is likely that many of you are members of different online communities, like VoicesNet. In this edition, Managing Editor Melyssa Sprott discusses online Internet communities versus good old fashioned human interaction. Enjoy her thought provoking article.

In Israel and the West Bank, the Middle East seems to be in constant turmoil. The Palestinians and the Israelis do not seem to be able to ever reach agreement on lasting peace.

Our second article delves into the history of that area. The article is written by Catherine Money, one of VoicesNet's regular contributors and a member of our Visions Journal staff. Her challenge was to provide a background on the history of the area and not to delve into the political debates.

Our final article is by Susan Jahme, a poet who resides in South Africa. Susan wrote a book called "African Sunshine and Shadows" and she tells us in her article how she was inspired to write this book.

Susan's husband Graham is an illustrator and he has provided the illustration for us to use for Susan's article!

Well, we hope that all is well for everyone who is in school or getting ready for school. Remember that furthering your education in any way is a healthy endeavor, no matter what your age is.

Don't let your mind get stale. Read a book, write a poem, go to the library, or how about a show, like a play, or a concert. This is all education. Pursue education! We all have an awesome opportunity to enjoy this life no matter what your environment is.

As always, thank you for being on our subscription list and we hope that you enjoy our articles!

VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal Staff.


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Cyber Cities versus Human Interaction by Melyssa Sprott

Can a sense of community still be found in our cities and towns? Do we know our neighbors? Does it matter anymore if we do? I believe that in these times of violence, terrorism and war many of us are becoming more cautious.

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Palestine Israel Conflict - How did we get here? by Catherine Money

The word Jew is derived from a Hebrew word, "yehudi", and a Greek word, "ioudaios" and appeared during the 5th century to identify the inhabitants of Judea.

Click here for the full article.

Something to Smile About!

How I came about compiling “African Sunshine & Shadows” by Susan Jahme

There was a familiar quiet that comes just after the dawn light, blanketing the African plains. Fresh smell of dew on ground already basking in the sun. Haunting chants of doves welcoming Mother Africa’s new day.

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The elephant illustration above is provided by Graham Jahme and can be accessed along with his other works at his new website at

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In This Issue:

  1. Intro Page

  2. Cyber Cities versus Human Interaction

  3. Palestine Israeli Conflict

  4. How I came about compiling “African Sunshine & Shadows”

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