Issue 0012
September 21, 2003

So how did you like the last edition of the VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal? We try to bring you diverse topics but also want to focus on poetry and writing, too.

In this edition, we will do just that! We start off by letting you read the top 3 poems from our last VoicesNet Anthology V International Poetry competition. Congratulations go out to the top 3 authors and also to the thousands of other authors who participated in this great competition.

Then we present to you a contributing article from a friend of ours named Ucha Sakhltkhutsishvili from the Georgian Republic, which was once a part of the former Soviet Union or USSR. Ucha is one of VoicesNet's International Poetry Ambassadors.

The Soviet Union was dismantled and became many separate countries after the end of the historic Cold War at the end of the 20th Century.

Ucha wrote us a special article on Poetry in the Georgian Republic and I think that you will really like it.

Our last article in this edition is a very thought provoking article written by Seshendra Sharma, who is from India and who is also one of VoicesNet's International Poetry Ambassadors!

Seshendra's article, along with Ucha's article, are very deep and intellectual and thought provoking, so we hope that you like that aspect of the articles. You will feel smarter after you read them.

Well, the leaves are about to fall, and everything outside is changing colors and many things inside are also changing colors, albeit maybe not in such an evident manner.

Check out the new website look and feel at We feel the look is much more indicative of what we are are all about and felt that we all deserved a fresh new better look.

To all of you out there dealing with addicitions, abuse, neglect, mental problems, relationship troubles, parent issues, family issues, or physical disabilities, we wish you the chance to change as the seasons change. We encourage you to have the courage to attack all of the challenges that life is now throwing at you! You can get through it! You can!

VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal Staff.


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VoicesNet V Contest Winning Poems

You are reading a special edition of the VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal because we are going to let you read the top 3 poems chosen in our VoicesNet Anthology V International Poetry Competition, from the 8814 submissions that were judged.

Click here to read these three great poems

Click here to see the list of Special Recognition Poems. Free 30 Minute Debt Consultation

A Little About Georgian Poetry by Ucha Sakhltkhutsishvili

The most outstanding representative of old Georgian poetry was Shota Rustaveli. His poem "The Knight in the Tigers Skin" is still an unsurpassed masterpiece.

Click here for the full article.

Something to Smile About!

“Is Literature a Science” by Seshendra Sharma

"My friend relegated literature to the position of a pastime and considered it with no more value. This was done in contrast to the great material sciences, which alone are held by him in high esteem as products of intellect and objects worthy of man's pursuit."

Click here to read the full article

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In This Issue:

  1. Intro Page

  2. VoicesNet Anthology 5 Contest Winning Poems

  3. A Little About Georgian Poetry

  4. Is Literature a Science?

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