Issue 0013
October 10, 2003

Poetry Portal! What is that? What is a portal? Do you know?

VoicesNet wants to be a Poetry Portal! A"port" is defined as a place where boats gather and where people meet the boats? Well, a Poetry Portal is where Web Surfers would go to find anything they need to about poetry; where pertinent web links about poetry could all be found.

We envision that people using the Net would someday know that if they need information about Poetry, that they could come to VoicesNet to get it, in addition to all of the resources that are currently available around here.

How does that sound to you? Does that sound like a good direction for us here at VoicesNet? Would you think of VoicesNet in such terms?

With that said, because of that direction, this is going to be a little bit different edition of the VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal.

We have had some recent expansions at our website and we want to tell you about them all. We are going to dedicate this edition to our new website changes. All of these changes are in line with heading in the direction of eventually becoming one of the best Poetry Portals on the Internet.

First in this direction; is now taking orders for Self-Publishing of authors and we want you to know that we now offer this service. This means that you can provide us with an edited manuscript, pay a competitive fee, and then have as many books as you need delivered to your door. We are excited about launching this service and we hope you will consider giving it a chance.

Additionally, we now also have exciting audio capabilities on our website. We love the idea that we will now be able to have poem audio clips available on our site. Today we want to tell you more about this capability and to let you know of some of the areas where we plan on using these new capabilities.

We also want to cover the exciting new E-Card capabilities that we have available at our site. The software we use does a really nice job and you can now send free e-cards to your friends and loved ones from You can also pay a reasonable fee and have one of our staff writers customize a special poem to someone in your life who means a lot to you. This is an exciting new program that we are just rolling out and it is awesome!

The website has a brand new look, and it's really working out nicely. If you haven't been there recently, you should check in just to see the new color scheme and the graphics used. There are more and more photo graphics around the site and it's just looking so much better than before. You can get there at

Also, we have just announced the addition of 10 more Poets in Residence at our site. You will hear more about them all in future issues.

Additionally, we have two brand new wonderful Forum Moderators and five new International Poetry Ambassadors coming aboard.

There is quite a chill in the air around here, early for this time of year, so we can feel the Winter over the horizon. Brrrrr! Today was a little warmer; I thought there were some 'skeeters wobbling around, as they do in borderline "too cold" weather.

We hope that you take a look around the site and check out all of the changes.

Thanks for hanging around!

VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal Staff.

Self Publishing

We have had numerous requests over the last year and a half inquiring about self-publishing services. We feel we are now better prepared to take on the additional responsibilities of such an additional feature here at VoicesNet.

We now offer a basic Self-Publishing Package that can be ordered directly from us.

We can also get as customized as you want to get, depending on your self publishing needs.

We also guarantee the quality of our products. Check out this program if it fits a need.

Click here to learn more about our Self Publishing Program


Send an email to with your specifications.

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Audio Capabilities at VoicesNet

We have implemented a new Audio capability at We are excited to now be more than only a visual experience.

We will use the new capabilities in many ways on the site. your poems online so that they can be listened to online by our site visitors.

To do this, we are offering a new Audio service that you can use to have your poems made available for listening to online.

You can pay $2 per month to have one of your poems available to be heard on an audio clip. They can provide the audio clip themselves or we can have a professional reader read their poem to audio and have it posted on the site in that way.

We are really excited about adding this audio capability to our site. We believe that the potential is unlimited with this new technology.

Click here to see our NEW Poem Audio Clips Area

Something to Smile About!

E-Cards now available at

We now have Free E-Cards available on our website. You can send free e-mail greeting cards to any of your family or friends. You can change background colors, images and fonts and can also include music and get this, even a recording of your own voice.

Shortly, for a small fee, you can also have a personalized E-Card written for your honey, family member, co-worker, or loved one by one of our VoicesNet staff writers.

This new service relies on our community writers to do the writing work and it becomes a great opportunity for all parties involved. We just love this idea. Please consider using this service. We hope it becomes one of the coolest things on the Internet.

Tell all of your friends about VoicesNet's Free E-Cards. They are awesome.

...and do this for me if you can ... forget the customized service for a minute and all of you go and send a free e-card from our site to one of your loved ones. We have over 12,000 people on this mailing list so can you imagine if all of you came to the site and sent an email card to a friend or family member and made their day. Talk about the power of people and the power of VoicesNet. Make it happen now!

Click here to send a FREE E-Card to a loved one

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