Issue 0014
October 27, 2003

VoicesNet International Poetry Ambassador Program is taking root!

from left to right: 1. Ayo Tunde Ademokun, a poet, 2. Adenike Fagade, an artist, 3. Prof. J.P Clark, a poet, 4. Jennifer Ehidiamen for VoicesNet, 5. A guest at the occasion, 6. Prof Odia, the author of "The Poet Lied".

We want to share with you a very special person and a very good friend of VoicesNet.

We would like to tell you about Jennifer Ehidiamen, who is one of's International Poetry Ambassadors.

Since we started this new program a few months ago, we weren't sure where it would go and how it would proceed.

Well, we now think that we know where the program is heading thanks to a recent correspondence that we received from Jennifer which included the above photo.

Jennifer is from Nigeria on the African continent.

She is a very special person, as we have found out through countless email discussions with her. As we hope that the Ambassador program inspires many involved, including the Ambassadors, to do some wonderful literary deeds, we have found that Jennifer has inspired us to take VoicesNet and all of our programs to great levels of literary accomplishment.

Here is what Jennifer has accomplished. She has set up a VoicesNet affiliate group in Nigeria called the "Creative Ambassadors Community". She has inspired many of her countrymen to get involved and to spread the word of poetry and literature in general throughout the Nigerian countryside. She is taking this group and having them go to different events where she is talking about VoicesNet and what we are trying to accomplish in the world with Poetry and writing. She is also reading poems from our own VoicesNet Ambassadors Portfolio of wonderful inspirational poetry. Additionally, Jennifer is coordinating the publishing of many of her countrymen's poem in a special publication that will only include authors that she has inspired to pursue writing goals. We are working out details for VoicesNet to handle the actual printing responsibilities for this new Nigerian publication through our VoicesNet publishing capabilities that we use for our VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition and also for our new Self-Publishing activities.

Now we must pick our proverbial jaw off of the floor because we are so truly inspired and flattered at the same time with Jennifer's duties as a VoicesNet Poetry Ambassador.

To all of you very aspiring authors out there reading this article, please be inspired by Jennifer's dreams and goals and notice how she is making them happen. Jennifer has a huge desire to inspire those around her and now through this E-Zine, I want to give her a chance to inspire all of you to tackle your dreams and never think that you can not accomplish anything in life.

Jennifer, we dedicate this edition of the VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal to you and your fellow Creative Ambassadors Community poets from Nigeria.

Way to go!

VoicesNet Visions Literary Journal Staff

A Letter from Jennifer Ehidiamen

Hey Jeff,

You won't believe it but the VoicesNet Poetry Ambassadors were honored at the LAGOS NIGERIA BOOK AND ART FAIR! We got to share (read aloud) about four poems at the programme, it was big time exposure for the Creative Ambassadors because a lot of people were in attendance from the charity home to professors from University, artiste, artist, and a lot of others, over one hundred and I am sure the inspirational poems did touch the end of the reading session and other artistic displays, we had a picture taken along side other writers, especially with John Pepper CLARK (J.P Clark), the famous Nigerian poet and writer.

I hope you find the picture useful, Jeff; it was taken right at the location. I'm sorry that the picture is in black and white; its just that as it was an artistic programme, photographers around were all eager to explore the past as far as photography was concerned. The picture was taken after the program. It was a great occasion and we look forward to doing more of them!!!

To the other VoicesNet Ambassadors, we from Nigeria say "keep the flag of creativity high and don't relent, make a positive impact, share your experiences and keep moving!!! We will get there...
Take care.

Sincerely, Jennifer Ehidiamen.
Creative Ambassadors Community

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Profiles of Odia Ofeimun and J. P. Clark (in picture above)

Profile: J. P. Clark (Bekederemo)

One of the best known and most widely read of Africa's writers

One of the greatest African writers having published works of poetry, drama and criticism.

Professor & Head, Department of English - University of Lagos (1972 - 1980)

Editor - Black Orpheus

Founder - PEC Repertory Theatre

Major Artistic Works:

- The Masquerade (Play)
- The Ozidi Saga (Drama)Translation/reconstruction of Ijaw drama cycle
- The Raft (Play)
Song of a Goat (Play, 1961)

- A Reed in the Tide (Collection of Poetry)
- Casualties: Poems 1966-68 (Collection of Poetry, 1970)

Profile: Odia Ofeimun

Known as "The Avant Garde of contemporary Nigerian literature".

One of Nigeria's foremost poets and political activists who studied at the University of Ibadan.

Once Private Secretary to the late Nigerian political legend Chief Obafemi Awolowo;

Culture Editor for the Lagos Guardian.

President of the Association of Nigerian Authors

Major Poetry Collections:

The Poet Lied (1980) - Addresses certain viewpoints on the Nigeria-Biafra war. The author talks of abandoning truth, the very basis of art and embraces social and political artistry.

A Handle for the Flutist and Other Poems (1986)

Under African Skies (1990)

Something to Smile About!

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