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VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition Winners and Finalists

Contest III - Submissions from September 1, 2002 to November 30, 2002

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our third "VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

Enjoy the top 3 poems from the winning authors. The remaining finalists, chosen based on their selected poem, follow the top 3 poems.

Voices Anthology III Winner

Winner: Diana Kugel, Age 14, from the USA

The Story Gems

Each treasure chest of jewels has a dialect that it knows.
The ring can tell a fairy tale, for it will have no foes.
A brooch can sing a lullaby, so fair and so divine.
This story, when it's listened to is oh so ever fine.
And there, amongst the ornaments, is a sparkle, here, and there!
A necklace of the things of life, too beautiful to wear.
Each precious stone is like a day, on the necklace of the year.
The little pearls are tiny tears, cried by eyes that know not fear.
The ruby stones are passion, in the souls of lovers true.
They give a peek into that heart, for me, and then for you.
The turquoise is purity, a day that is tranquil.
Stay put, move not, and listen. Be forever still.
The vain and charming emerald has a look that will deceive.
The sting of pain and agony with every breath you breathe.
And at last the radiant diamond, full of splendor in each way.
That happiness, that one true bliss, on one exquisite day.
So that is the very story that the entrancing necklace holds.
The one that when the telling is told, emotion just unfolds.
The gems are all a day or two on the necklace that is life.
Sorrow turns to rapture; felicity to strife.


Voices Anthology III 2nd Place

2nd Place: Debra L. Kessing, Age 40, from Australia

Winds of Change

winds of change caress my face
colours fade in empty space
mist appears, to mark the place
disappearing without trace

confusion reigns, trying to find
familiar ground to ease my mind
everything is swirling fast
something recognised is past

longing, yearning, stop the ride
let me leave, follow the tide
take me to my comfort zone
this brave new world is not my home

movements settle, shadows firm
the world stops spinning, corner turned
my suspicions are confirmed
where I am is what I earned

Voices Anthology III 3rd Place

3rd Place: Andrew J. La Goo, Age 12, from the USA

I am From

I am from ear infections.
Strep throat and flues.
North Carolina hats.
And three striped shoes.

I am from bonfires.
And Bar-B-Q's.
From the hot, sweaty church.
And the long wood pews.

I am from stompin' in the grass.
And rompin' in the pool.
Doing all sorts of flips.
Thinking I'm cool.

I am from football and basketball.
Baseball too.
Bruises galore.
All black and blue.

I am from running in the woods.
Squishing bugs that are vile.
Scraping them off my shoe.
Preventing West Nile.

I am from tragedies.
September eleven.
Praying for those lost souls.
To go straight to heaven.

I am from the times of terrorism.
And don't forget war.
Making peace between nations.
I am trying to help finish the chore.

special note: these are pre-proofed copies of the top 3 poems.

Voices Anthology III Finalists

(in alphabetic order by last name, first name)

Poet Poem Title Age Country
Agrawal, Vinita Catharsis 37 India
Bernardo, Karla T Wings of Fate 17 Philippines
Brooks, Brennan Which Way? 17 USA
Cary, John H. Forgotten Stones 46 USA
Childs, William D Star eyes 19 South Africa
Clark, Consatnce ( Connie) D Mysterious 13 USA
Crossley, Shawn N Little Ebony Girl 12 USA
Datta, Upasana The Red Rose 13 India
Deierling, Rachel F Art 22 N/A
Gahl, Amy M Just Me 16 USA
Greer, Jonathan W Moonlight Sonata 25 USA
Halim, Suhendra White Love 20 Indonesia
Kent, Victoria M Grey World 21 England
Kessleman, Miranda C Pulling Through 15 USA
Killeen, Frances The Raven 39 Canada
Korotky, Kandyce L.G. In the Desert 14 USA
Moore, Gregory T Teardrops 42 USA
Nicoletti, Staci A. Dazed 25 USA
Sanders, Michael D Silent Scream 16 USA
Singh, Durlabh I Will Contemplate 57 England
Turner, Kirsty H Rainbow 22 England
Whisenant, Tony Alien Abduction 39 USA


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