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Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest IV - Submissions from December 1, 2002 to February 28, 2003

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our fourth"VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

Enjoy the top 3 poems from the winning authors.

We also have listed the Special Recognition Poems further down the page.

The Poets listed here and the other Poets who will be published in the Fourth Edition of the VoicesNet Anthology should be very proud because their poems were selected from 5989 total poems submitted.

Voices Anthology IV Winner

Winner: Tara Justice, Age 17, from Novia Scotia, Canada


Slick slippery wet rocks
licked smooth by thirsty waves
cover the earth like an ancient oriental rug

Reaching for more jewels to fill its greedy pockets
the waves spray in mock defense.
Thick salt air clings to the skin
gulped hungrily by city lungs.

Beached sea creatures lie
like fallen soldiers, evicted
from their underwater society
lifeless green seaweed grip onto
barnacle peppered rocks for anchorage.

Clear, still tide pools create a mirror image
of the sky, uniting two very different worlds
coexisting with an unforeseen grace.

(c) - 2003


Voices Anthology IV 2nd Place

2nd Place: Hazel P. King, from Queensland, Australia

Peace for the Week

Rolling waves surging back and forth,
Relentlessly dumping watery, froth-tipped handsful
On the softened, creamy sandscape.

The crashing sounds of the waves
Drowning noises and deadening everyday sounds,
Bringing an eerie and tranquil peace.

Walkers strolling by
Happily chatting, totally engrossed
Oblivious of others around them.

Overcast skies
Hiding the intensity of the Australian sun
Grey clouds, edged in white
Kissing the horizon like a hungry lover,
Where ocean and sky appear to meet.

Dune pines casting dappled shade,
A hiding place
For those whose skin needs a protective covering.

Foolhardy board riders in the ocean
Where no flags indicate safety,
Unaware of the sometimes treacherous
And covert dangers beneath the surface of the sea.

But beyond all this, a peace pervades
Filling one's soul and spirit
Renewing and revitalizing for the week ahead.

(c) - 18 January 2003

Voices Anthology IV 3rd Place

3rd Place: Marilyn A. Yeomans, Age 56, from Michigan, USA

Friends are Jewels

Some friends are DIAMONDS, sparkly and bright.
Their smile will turn the darkness to light.
They come in all sizes, all colors, all shapes.
They'll do anything for you, whatever it takes.

Some friends are DIAMONDS still in the rough.
They are jewels hidden, their exterior tough.
But when given the chance, their beauty will shine.
They will come thru for you, time after time.

Some friends are SAPPHIRES with eyes of blue.
Their words touch your heart and comfort you.
They take the time to listen, and then will say
Just the right things to brighten your day.

Some friends are TOPAZ with eyes of brown.
They cheer you up when you're feeling down.
Their eyes sparkle and snap with golden hue
Knowing what to say and just what to do.

Some friends are EMERALDS with eyes of green.
A manner so quiet, their voice so serene.
A friendship so priceless, it cannot be bought.
The type of friends that are so often sought.

Some friends are RUBIES with hair of red.
They bubble with laughter when jokes are said.
Their hearts are pure and full of love.
A blessing for sure, sent from Angels above.

Some friends are PEARLS, quiet but rare.
Unassuming, in the background, but they care.
Their luster deepens as time passes by.
They sense your feelings, and hear your cry.

Yes, friends are jewels more precious than gold.
Felt it was time the true story was told.
I have fortunes in jewels, my friends you see
Are all so priceless, a Treasure to me.

(c) 2003

special note: these are pre-proofed copies of the top 3 poems.

Top 5 Poets and Poems
Poet Name Poem Title Age Country
Justice, Tara C. Unity 17 Canada
2nd Place
King, Hazel P Peace for the Week Adult Australia
3rd Place
Yeomans, Marilyn A. Friends Are Jewels 56 USA
4th Place
Bailey, Barbara S Like A Bird 40 USA
5th Place
Datta, Debarshi Death of a Poet 21 India
Special Recognition Poets and their Poems
Poet Name
Poem Title
Age Country
Abalos, Rhae Ann W.
18 Philippines
Al-Khalili, Rawana N.
21 Jordan
Baldwin, Melissa R
Whispers To The Moon
34 USA
Carey, Allie J.
13 USA
Carr, Samuel R.
49 USA
Chacko, Sebi
Works of Art
34 England
Clark, Carroll J.
The Bouncing Ball
17 USA
Damle, Rahul Arun
31 India
Das, Amrit K.
16 USA
Dawood, Siti Rohana
'a' life.
35 n/a
Dimmock, Alf
45 England
Forbes, Brandi P.
The Alphabet of Life
16 USA
Foshay, Craig M.
A Poet's Sympathy of Vietnam
16 USA
Goldsbrough, Lindsey J.
Ode to El Sancha
19 England
Hagerman, Stephen D.
51 USA
Jha, Jyotsna
The fallen Heros Of September 11
29 India
Johnstone, Candice-Leigh L.
25 South Afruca
Judah, Kal L.
14 USA
Lake, Vanessa L.
World in Which We Live
18 USA
Lee, Patricia A.
on writing...
43 Australia
Lesyk, Doreen R Hand in Hand 44 Canada
Lewis, Paula L.
Sorrowful Persephone
27 Canada
Mohiuddin, Farnaz K.
Snow White Exists
19 USA
Moore, Dave C.
Proper Perspective
51 Canada
Oyewunmi, Ajilore Stella
My country
15 Nigeria
Robertson, William
As I Strolled
64 England
Rungta, Kanupriya S.
The India Of My Dreams
10 India
Sarnelli, Kathy
Dear Mr. Hemingway
61 n/a
Schlief, Kyle Schlief
Strength of Stone and Will to Last
17 Canada
Schroeder, Margaret L.
A School of Fish
46 USA
Shankar, Sharmila
History of America!
20 n/a
Sharma, Seshendra
Ages Around The Sun
76 India
Squier, M.
Poetic Justice
54 USA
Taft, Eliot I.
A Forest Poem
10 USA
Thomas, Dilip
That Magical Night...
18 n/a
Valdeter, Christine A.
Butterfly Magic
36 Australia
Yoder, Amy M.
The Dream Lives On
18 n/a



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