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International Poetry Competition

Winners and Special Recognition Poems

Contest V - Submissions from March 1, 2003 to May 31, 2003

Congratulations to all of the worldwide poets who contributed to our fifth "VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition".

Enjoy the top 3 poems from the winning authors.

We also have listed the Special Recognition Poems further down the page.

The Poets listed here and the other Poets who will be published in the Fifth Edition of the VoicesNet Anthology should be very proud because their poems were selected from 8814 total poems submitted.

Voices Anthology V Winner

Winner: Wanda L. Ehrlich, Age 50, from Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Mourning Owl

A winter's day a park less play
The blades of grass a frozen gray

The water's edge breathes frozen wake
For New Year's day a sailor take

An owl upon a leafless branch
In midday's light 'tis happenstance

What wisdom bird nocturnal born
Perches high but that to mourn

Its meaning etched with death of light
My guardian for fear of night

Oh epiphany I beg of thee
Carry thy sailor safely to sea

Adorn his vessel with gems and pearls
Bless his sails with crimson furls

Again a day I witness thee
A comfort place a giving tree

Nay I see thee but hear your cry
Affirmation that all must fly

The morn still carries taste of night
Awaiting wings welcome light

What wisdom bird nocturnal born
Perches high but that to mourn

Oh epiphany I beg of thee
Carry thy sailor safely to sea

(c) - 2003


Voices Anthology V 2nd Place

2nd Place: Laura J. Freeman, Age 16, from Victoria, Australia

I Write Of...

I write a lot of rhymes, you know,
Most not very good,
Maybe because they always say
Exactly what they should.
I write of friends and of the curse
That plagues this gorgeous earth,
Those filled with sad and hateful thoughts,
Those filled with joy and mirth.
I write of those who kill for peace,
Who hate for love or bliss,
I write of bad, but of good too,
But I mostly write of this
The hates, the loves, the cares, the joys,
The pain and all the sorrow,
The thrills and bores, the passing of time
Fair days that come tomorrow.
As you can see, I write about,
A lot of subjects rife,
Of wars and deaths and hateful things,
But most of all of LIFE.

(c) - 2003

Voices Anthology V 3rd Place

3rd Place: David A. Bell, Age 61, from Ontario, Canada

The Gardens Of Our Mind

As we drift in quiet solitude
through the gardens of our mind,
The memories of the friends we've known
start slowly to unwind

They blossom forth like flowers
of crimson, gold and blue,
then fade into the distance
to form a subtle hue

Each flower is a person
who reached out and touched our life,
and shared with us their passions,
their happiness and strife

When not with us they'll always be
somewhere we can find,
dancing softly with the breeze
through the gardens of our mind.

(c) 2003

special note: these are pre-proofed copies of the top 3 poems.

4th Place
Anderson, Jenevieve C. Glimpse of Vision 29 USA
5th Place
Morrone, Daniel Sculptor 20 USA


Special Recognition Poets and their Poems

(in Alphabetic Order)

Poet Name
Poem Title
Age Country
Arocho, Sabrina G. A Page True To Me 18 USA
Bernardo, Sarah B. A Poem Is an Inspiration 8 USA
Birch, AnneMarie Munck Returning. 25 Ireland
Brussel, Tara J. A Way With words 22 Australia
Buehner, Gregory J. Betwixt Nature's Bloom 18 USA
Chatlani, Sarvesh A. Let's Unite 18 India
Crislip, Elizabeth Jane Poetry Blues 54 USA
Dutta, Ashmita Cabbagy, Lettucy, Spinachy, Luncheon 12 India
Felson, Melissa L. The Author 10 USA
Foster, Chandler E. A Perfect World 40 USA
Giovannetti, Robert A. Jamaican Rhapsody 59 USA
Godoy, Melissa V. Young at Heart 23 USA
Honeycutt, Curtis L. Bottom's Up 18 USA
Iskov, Irene B. What I Said When He Asked Me Why I Like Poetry 52 Canada
King, Tanya M. In Memory of War 18 n/a
Leggat, Chris N. Travel poem 25 England
Lesyk, Doreen R. From Heaven to Earth 45 Canada
Michaud, Nicolette L Poem To My Elders 28 USA
Moerike, James C. Poet-Owner 53 USA
Nairn, Alexis K. Oz's Resume 18 Australia
Narayana Pillai, Dharan Sasi War! 54 India
O'Neal, Timothy D. America 17 USA
Peak, Jenness R. Sarah 21 USA
Penney, Tina M. Let Freedom Ring! 45 USA
Ryan, Beverly Ann Our world today 44 Australia
Shanazar, Muhammad On the Dew Drops (Composed in 1998) 42 Pakistan
Shimizu, Bill Mitsuru T. Brush Stokes 33 Philippines
Simmonds, Keith A. America The Annointed 62 Trinidad
Taneja, Purva Save The Environment 16 India


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