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Danny Coon the change2017-2-19 2 0Poem
John Starks The Eagle's Plight!2017-2-19 7 1Poem
Eli Beal Home Star Runner2017-2-19 13 1Poem
Pat Kelbaugh Promise2017-2-19 8 0Poem
Emmanuel Ntezeyombi YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF2017-2-19 14 0Poem
SunnyJay Johnson A Faith of Existence2017-2-19 17 1Poem
Louise Robello MY SISTER LISA IS TRULY AMAZING2017-2-18 44 0Poem
Satish Verma An Acrimonious Dialogue2017-2-18 14 2Poem
Mike DeVincenzi In The Heat of the Moment2017-2-18 15 0Poem
Drsudarsan Prasad When love beckoned2017-2-18 18 3Poem
Alan Brown Tracey2017-2-18 55 2Poem
Dwayne Rankin If You Look and See Me Not2017-2-18 27 5Poem
Jean Charles Laws The journey2017-2-18 14 0Poem
marty webb ZEUS2017-2-18 13 0Poem
Betty Janko A Reluctant Goodbye to Winter2017-2-18 21 1Poem
Kyra Adley Date night.2017-2-18 47 0Poem
Nishu Mathur HANG ON SPIKE 2017-2-18 51 4Poem
Yvonne Cloete Behind My Smile2017-2-17 30 2Poem
Mark Gittings Blackbird2017-2-17 19 0Poem
Victor Hawley THE SONG2017-2-17 53 0Poem
Edwin Jepson MONDAY MORNING .2017-2-17 32 2Poem
Kenneth Clark 75th & 74th Challenge Compilation - The Old Man By The Sea2017-2-17 32 5Poem
Elizabeth Olesen ”…Treasures Beyond Measure”2017-2-17 50 7Poem
Rufus Brughs Rufus Riddle No. 282017-2-17 49 14Riddles
Cynthia Saraawan Happy Birthday Grandpa2017-2-17 20 1Poem
tobias kerins For Donna Kerins: My Sister From Oslo in Norway2017-2-16 30 1Poem
Elizabeth Trondsen Desert SEASON2017-2-16 34 4Poem
Denis Barter Satisfaction.2017-2-16 24 1Poem
Krzeslawa Skrzypczynska A year of zodiacal NUMBER ONE2017-2-16 23 0Poem
Kevin Rottweiler Squirrel Admitted to "Nut House"2017-2-16 19 0Poem
Phillip Hussey FLOWERS OF FRIENDSHIPS2017-2-16 41 2Poem
Dale Costello Dawn and Dirty window..2017-2-16 50 2Poem
Richard Gildea “We'll keep a Welcome in the Hillside”2017-2-16 40 7Poem
Naveed Khalid A Chemlot in Amber Woods2017-2-16 20 0Poem
Onyeka Anyakora Letter to the sky2017-2-16 19 0Poem
Christine Shaw Spilt or Otherwise?2017-2-15 80 7Poem
Lee Emmett I SEARCH AROUND2017-2-14 36 3Poem
peninnah ng'ang'a FIVE YEARS AND COUNTING2017-2-14 37 1Poem
Tosin Adeoye LIFE2017-2-14 40 1Poem
Roche Rosos "THE PAIN BEHIND THE VALENTINES DAYS"2017-2-14 39 1Poem
Leif Phillips Anything.2017-2-14 61 3Poem
Westly Shaw Love is like a tree2017-2-14 42 6Poem
Rajaram Ramachandran SPGM 108 - SANDRA ON SILAPPADIGARAM PART III2017-2-14 24 0Poem
Reginold Jacob Love is in the air2017-2-13 109 3Poem
Lee Lineberry Growing Pains2017-2-13 29 2Poem
Lady Shaula Salathe We cannot be together, my child [written for a father kept from a daughter]2017-2-13 23 1Poem
Catherine Oni LISTEN DAD AND MUM!!!2017-2-13 53 4Poem
Mthandazo Ngwenya SMELLS LIKE ME2017-2-13 34 8Poem
Cassandra Compher Fowls2017-2-12 29 2Poem
Ahmed Abdi RED CARD IN CAMPAIGNS2017-2-12 53 1Poem