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Recent Author Activity

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AuthorMost Recent TitleAddedViewsResponsesType
Lee Emmett WRITING HAIKU-FORM2014-7-25 8 1Poem
Pattra Shuwaswat The painted ( For Tracy Marie Windisch-Mason ) 2014-7-25 12 2Poem
Drsudarsan Prasad A PLEASANT SURPRISE!(corrected)2014-7-25 8 3Poem
lemogang moremi saturated2014-7-25 8 0Poem
Dhal Jirel 'Ravi' Three Haikus2014-7-25 14 1Poem
rm shanmugam chettiar The goal of the life2014-7-25 4 0Poem
Nishu Mathur RAJNIGANDHA IN DARKNESS 2014-7-25 16 2Poem
Nancy Crossland REFLECTIONS OF A SANDPIPER2014-7-25 12 2Poem
Partha Sarathi Paul Life needs a sound name!2014-7-25 8 0Poem
Westly Shaw Drawing a picture with words2014-7-24 12 0Poem
Richard Beevor Fallow, Harvest, Forest and Meadow2014-7-24 12 0Poem
Joseph Avers SECRET2014-7-24 9 1Poem
Linda Bates Terrell Gods Love2014-7-24 20 3Poem
Godwin Inyang DR FIXIT (The Good Ant Who Saves A Bad World) {7)2014-7-24 9 0Poem
Satheesan Rangorath Mark of love2014-7-24 12 2Poem
Owais Ahmad When God Wishes To Be A Demon2014-7-24 50 7Poem
Shelley Seiderer I Love Cats2014-7-24 14 1Poem
Shreeya Gautam My Precious2014-7-24 15 3Poem
Satish Verma SOOTHING CANDOR2014-7-23 9 0Poem
Kristofer Gilluley Readjusting Chemistry 2014-7-23 32 1Poem
Denis Barter 2nd Offering for 44th Musketeers Challenge.2014-7-23 19 1Poem
charles fisher Blue sky of home2014-7-23 15 1Poem
Kevin Rottweiler Spiritual Understanding Universe2014-7-23 13 0Poem
Mark Gittings Many hours2014-7-23 12 0Poem
John Williams TO MY GRANDCHILDREN2014-7-23 34 2Poem
Adeosun Ayo From The Conversations2014-7-23 11 0Poem
Rita Singh Mainly in the plains when it rains2014-7-23 34 6Poem
Ranganathan S It is all with eyes...a HR message2014-7-23 28 0Blog
peninnah ng'ang'a YOU STILL ARE A STAR.2014-7-23 56 6Poem
rochish mon A SUBJECT2014-7-23 9 0Poem
Tony Grannell Buried Swine2014-7-23 27 6Poem
Skye Bagshaw Lies2014-7-22 12 0Poem
Hemendra Kumar Lost Part of Me2014-7-22 13 0Poem
Edwin Jepson WHO AM I 2014-7-22 37 10Poem
Samson Iyanda Goodbye! (In loving memory of Okolo Onyedika)2014-7-22 64 9Poem
Roche Rosos MY FRIEND2014-7-22 37 6Poem
Chloe Ren Settle, Unsettle2014-7-22 14 0Poem
Samuel Yisa Who was Obededom really?2014-7-22 49 0Blog
Roan McGrowder Age Crossed2014-7-22 11 0Poem
John Onyeme Sudden Fate2014-7-21 29 9Poem
Ahmad Najam Saquib Poems of Grief2014-7-21 12 0Poem
Madhav Sarkunde Each Tick2014-7-21 17 0Poem
E.G. Maynard "The Wall." 2014-7-21 25 2Poem
Anna Hasan The Journey2014-7-21 16 0Poem
Christine Shaw Onyedika Okolo - with sadness2014-7-21 100 15Event
Ashay Shanbhag Incredible Mr. Daddy2014-7-21 16 0Poem
William Palmer Right There by your Side2014-7-21 14 0Poem
Elizabeth Olesen Hamas and Israel2014-7-20 73 5Poem
Shelley Dewar A legend is born2014-7-20 25 0Poem
Tracy Windisch-Mason Unworthy2014-7-20 20 0Poem