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Recent Author Activity

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AuthorMost Recent TitleAddedViewsResponsesType
Conny Simanjuntak IF YOU FLY2015-5-25 4 0Poem
Adrienne Jenkins As I listen2015-5-25 1 0Poem
sabrina narciso Chasing Dreams 2015-5-25 8 1Poem
Naveed Khalid Harvest Moon I2015-5-25 7 0Poem
Frank Davis, Sr. The Stand-in2015-5-25 15 1Poem
Jacinta Ramayah Re: Traditions for my Christmas soul (49)2015-5-25 19 2Poem
Denis Barter An Acrostic Poem Can Be Hard To Write.2015-5-25 21 3Poem
Nishu Mathur Tchiki, Tchiki, Tchiki, many tchiki tchikis.2015-5-25 50 8Poem
Lee Emmett AFTER FULL DAY BABYSITTING2015-5-25 16 2Poem
Reyvrex Questor Reyes Prayer Of The Meek Poet2015-5-25 33 0Poem
Ram Silva River of Pain2015-5-25 14 2Poem
Rufus Brughs A Day Of A Kind2015-5-25 42 6Poem
James Thompson THE MILK RACE2015-5-24 23 0Blog
Eugene Kotoku TEARS OF GHANA2015-5-24 24 2Poem
Edwin Jepson A DIFFERENT WORLD,2015-5-24 23 4Poem
Linda Bates Terrell WHY?2015-5-24 21 0Poem
ephraim inyang The coffin2015-5-24 18 0Poem
Daniel Law How does an ape get through your door?2015-5-24 21 0Jokes
Jesus Bauzo Happy May 24 - 20152015-5-24 24 5Poem
Jean charles Laws Treasures and Memories,take 22015-5-24 18 2Poem
Adeosun Ayo From the Autopsies Inquest2015-5-24 11 0Poem
Thoughtmonger Varun Home2015-5-24 12 0Poem
BENNETT Pettersson My Friend2015-5-24 42 1Poem
Ahmad Najam Saquib What do I get if I marry you?2015-5-24 18 0Poem
ROY KNEALE "A BROKEN PROMISE."2015-5-23 33 3Poem
John Williams Lonely illusion2015-5-23 24 0Poem
Cortez Maurell Lewis Trouble Is An Object2015-5-23 16 0Poem
Thomas Pender Ascending2015-5-23 22 0Poem
Richard Gildea “No Meat Today” (PC has got its way)2015-5-23 30 2Poem
Roche Rosos "He will come like a thief in the night"2015-5-23 21 0Poem
Leeana Reese Silence2015-5-23 18 0Poem
Christine Shaw Taking Cake and Snapshots2015-5-23 32 1Poem
Samson Iyanda MAY (or YAM) Acrostic.2015-5-23 45 5Poem
Paul Butters Eternal Infinity2015-5-23 49 0Poem
Satheesan Rangorath Hall Of Fame2015-5-23 23 0Poem
Jennifer Lethabo We beg for what is ours 2015-5-23 20 0Poem
Dwayne Rankin Those Summer Days2015-5-22 37 4Poem
Satish Verma Blessing2015-5-22 17 0Poem
yin torres reverie2015-5-22 15 0Poem
Westly Shaw My best kite2015-5-22 23 6Poem
Precious Uwaechi SWEET MOMENT OF SILENT2015-5-22 25 1Poem
Rama Nayal Rise from the ashes...2015-5-22 25 0Poem
Tony Grannell An Empty Dhow2015-5-22 36 3Poem
Carlette Solomon Have A Peace of Morning Worship2015-5-22 19 0Poem
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Part D. Scientists disprove even dino evolution theory2015-5-22 46 1Blog
Charles Fisher Mary2015-5-21 24 0Poem
William Willis "Our Red Poppy Hell"2015-5-21 57 7Poem
rochish mon COLOURLESS SHADOWS 2015-5-21 26 0Poem
Jamijah Johnson Mixed snoitomE2015-5-20 43 1Poem
Diane Middleton The Importance of Bathing--and Some Tips to Make It Pleasant2015-5-20 0 0