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Recent Author Activity

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AuthorMost Recent TitleAddedViewsResponsesType
Darryn Murphy To Utter Words Among My Utterings2014-10-31 4 0Poem
Edwin Jepson HALLOWEEN NIGHT. 2014-10-31 4 0Poem
jeng . Relapse2014-10-31 3 0Poem
Rufus Brughs Moment I wish I was left alone...2014-10-31 33 0Poem
Denis Barter 12 Observations and Lessons I’ve Learned, or, A few things Life has taught me.2014-10-31 7 0Blog
Drsudarsan Prasad HOMAGE TO SARDAR* PATEL !2014-10-31 9 0Poem
Creative Ends Criminal 2014-10-31 7 0Poem
Uvie Giwewhegbe pure2014-10-31 9 0Poem
Tony Grannell Widow Winter 2014-10-31 15 0Poem
Kenneth Clark Eulogy For Lonely Fred2014-10-31 10 0Poem
David Norman Dualized Timestream2014-10-31 9 0Poem
Chris Johnson Baal2014-10-31 10 0Blog
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Posting my support for poor Palestinians2014-10-31 11 0Blog
Rita Singh The boy who went searching for Nemo2014-10-31 17 0Poem
maveli george Wedded Moods2014-10-31 11 0Poem
Shirley Long A Candlelight Dinner2014-10-30 15 0Poem
rm shanmugam chettiar To be not jealous…2014-10-30 12 0Poem
Ahmad Najam Saquib No proper poet would do this2014-10-30 16 0Poem
Nancy Crossland VISIT FROM A GHOST2014-10-30 25 5Poem
Charles Fisher life and death greet each other2014-10-30 11 0Poem
Samson Iyanda Old Rick (Limerick)2014-10-30 44 1Poem
william andrews Friends2014-10-30 10 0Poem
Anna Hasan Circle of life!2014-10-30 19 3Poem
Jean charles Laws Oh Mr Jackson2014-10-30 15 1Poem
William Palmer Words2014-10-30 12 0Poem
Lee Emmett PERFORMANCE OF 'CATS'2014-10-30 19 3Poem
Skye Bagshaw Reminders2014-10-30 8 0Poem
Paul Butters Me2014-10-30 46 1Poem
Nishu Mathur Creeping, creepy, crawling, crinkled hands 2014-10-30 37 9Poem
Katie Shpanskaya Pain2014-10-29 14 1Poem
Westly Shaw The choice is not always so simple2014-10-29 24 6Poem
Pattra Shuwaswat Emotions 2014-10-29 34 1Poem
Dwayne Rankin The Halloween King2014-10-29 28 8Poem
pauline miller To Grandma2014-10-29 36 8Poem
Kevin Rottweiler Finding Peace When all Goes Wrong2014-10-29 20 1Poem
Tariro Zinyemba OH DEAR!2014-10-29 16 0Poem
Maggie Pollock The Path of the Rainbow2014-10-29 30 14Poem
Binoy Varakil SIT UP...2014-10-29 48 15Poem
peninnah ng'ang'a DESTINATION TANZANIA!!!2014-10-29 16 3Poem
Anthony Abiodun John Bull2014-10-29 16 0Poem
Claire Baldry My Facebook Friend2014-10-29 39 7Poem
Ram Silva When The Stranger Danced2014-10-29 15 0Poem
Akwasi Yiadom NABY CREATION, THE EARTH2014-10-28 14 0Poem
Andy Fardell uS2014-10-28 21 4Poem
Alan Brown If the cap fits wear it. Slavery2014-10-28 34 4Poem
Mark Gittings Dwell in Autumn2014-10-28 16 1Poem
Roche Rosos CHILDHOOD FRIEND2014-10-28 24 0Poem
Eliseo Cinco iii Terminus U.S. Marines Now.2014-10-28 52 0Poem
Naveed Khalid Aquiline2014-10-28 17 0Poem
William Willis Spelling Test (re-posted)2014-10-27 35 8Poem