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Westly Shaw Doggy Bathtime2019-11-21 4 0Poem
Phillip Hussey ODE TO LOVE (A Rose)2019-11-21 6 0Poem
Mark Gittings Christmas joy2019-11-21 6 1Poem
Tracy Windisch-Mason Stellar is2019-11-21 18 0Poem
Satish Verma Whom To Tell2019-11-21 9 0Poem
Charles Fisher Hospital roof2019-11-20 10 0Poem
Reginold Jacob My voice2019-11-20 35 0Poem
Denis Barter Soliloquy - I write to defend humour! Not to kill it!2019-11-20 21 0Blog
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri In and out the lusty nil wedding bells2019-11-20 22 8Poem
Lady Shaula Salathe Hold Your Dreams2019-11-20 15 1Poem
william andrews Pass it Along2019-11-20 10 1Poem
Louise Robello Making. Wishes2019-11-20 35 2Poem
Edwin Jepson A Very Everlasting Promise .2019-11-19 51 3Poem
Anthony Nwosu Losing your Friday2019-11-19 28 0Poem
Anjani George Empty Nest2019-11-18 25 3Poem
Naveed Khalid Opera2019-11-18 12 0Poem
Dolapo Ayoola Happiness in a seat2019-11-17 42 3Poem
Dwayne Rankin First Kiss2019-11-16 63 8Poem
'Alaa Muntasser *THERE'S NOT A SINGLE DOOR LEFT I HAVEN'T KNOCKED ON (Sad Tune!)2019-11-16 25 0Poem
Mobani Biswas ODE TO A FRIEND2019-11-16 23 1Poem
Bev A In Bliss2019-11-16 13 0Poem
Eisha Gohil The Unending Connection....2019-11-15 19 0Poem
Nadia Umber Love of a poetess 2019-11-15 22 2Poem
Ugwu Elvis(Leonard D Great) HELPLESS2019-11-14 21 0Poem
Simone Thys Know that I love you2019-11-13 32 1Poem
Joseph Ogbonna To my love at Christmas2019-11-13 36 0Poem
Krzeslawa Skrzypczynska AFTER STITCHING (A WOUND)2019-11-13 23 0Poem
Moses N LIKE THE CHILD. 2019-11-12 33 0Poem
Dale Costello Leichhardt..2019-11-12 82 4Poem
Faten Ishak The hare and the slow tortoise 2019-11-12 103 5Poem
Kenneth Clark 104th Roy Kneale Musketeers Tittle Challenge - A Memorable Moment2019-11-11 57 6Poem
Mthandazo Ngwenya AT LAST2019-11-11 24 2Poem
Nishu Mathur 104th Inspirational Challenge - A memorable moment 2019-11-10 108 6Poem
Betty Janko 104th Musketeers Challenge- A Memorable Moment Revisited…2019-11-9 51 5Poem
Gayathri Panicker Pantomime2019-11-9 39 2Poem
Trevor McLeod Remembrance Day Song2019-11-8 26 0Poem
William Willis The 104th Roy Kneale Musketeers Challenge. 2019-11-8 90 3Event
Danny Coon REVISED - diversity over adversity 2019-11-8 24 2Poem
Taylor Burk Losing sins2019-11-7 33 0Poem
tobias kerins Band of Brothers2019-11-6 60 3Poem
Paul Butters Miraculous2019-11-6 67 2Poem
P.K.N. Panicker THORN STUCK EYES2019-11-6 41 1Poem
michelle witcher Missing Child2019-11-5 33 0Poem
Theresa Breland Miss You2019-11-3 19 0Poem
Onyeka Anyakora Everyone sees something different on the telescope 2019-11-3 37 0Poem
Phumelela Bholoshe I.N.K (I Never Knew?)2019-11-2 33 1Poem
James Thompson GUTTERED GARGOYLES2019-10-30 80 0Short Story
Susan O'Reilly Misty2019-10-29 36 2Poem
John Starks The 'Obscenity'!2019-10-28 53 0Poem
Aludu Richard AFRICAN PALM TREE2019-10-27 67 1Poem