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Adam Archer THE BUTTERFLY (LE PAPILLON)2016-9-27 10 0Poem
Mthandazo Ngwenya I BELIEVE2016-9-27 3 0Poem
Robert Moore Christmas Eve Lights2016-9-27 7 0Poem
Myrna Martin Autumn2016-9-27 10 2Poem
Emomoemi Newcourt Desert Mothers2016-9-27 50 1Poem
Satish Verma Why A Poem2016-9-27 15 1Poem
Drsudarsan Prasad THOSE WHO SOW AND THOSE WHO REAP!2016-9-26 25 2Poem
Westly Shaw My Mother alway waited for the call, a wolf whistle would never do2016-9-26 18 3Poem
William Willis "The End Is Nigh"2016-9-26 26 9Poem
John Starks But Grace To Know!2016-9-26 28 2Poem
Kevin Rottweiler tree steeple of God2016-9-26 13 1Poem
Betty Janko Westly’s Birthday2016-9-26 26 7Poem
Pauline Miller 70th Inspirational Challenge (for John)2016-9-26 34 8Poem
Frank Davis, Sr. A Nuanced Point of View2016-9-26 21 3Poem
Naveed Khalid A Few Private Lines2016-9-26 16 0Poem
Dirk Sandarupa Take Your Time to Rest2016-9-26 14 1Poem
Nishu Mathur Welcome Solitude 2016-9-26 53 11Poem
william andrews Cowards2016-9-26 18 2Poem
Mary Njoroge Bliss2016-9-26 20 4Poem
Kyra Adley new pair o shoes2016-9-25 21 1Poem
Elizabeth Trondsen Quiet REFLECTIONS2016-9-25 24 4Poem
Jean Charles Laws His last smile2016-9-25 16 1Poem
Alan Brown Autumns Splender2016-9-25 45 4Poem
phillip flockhart Untitled2016-9-24 22 2Poem
Richard Wilcox Why do you hate me2016-9-24 37 3Poem
Paul Butters Retired2016-9-24 58 4Poem
Robert Haigh I Am...2016-9-24 41 5Poem
Beverly Abriol A True Love, Finally2016-9-24 22 2Poem
Christine Shaw A seasoned kiss2016-9-24 54 7Poem
Shalini Sharma Cold2016-9-24 21 1Poem
Sandun Mendis Dance with you All Night2016-9-24 29 4Poem
Raghunandan Ram Third Eye2016-9-24 29 3Poem
Asenaca .W. Murray Sparkle in your eyes2016-9-23 22 2Poem
Rufus Brughs Rufus Riddle No. 222016-9-23 48 17Riddles
Lameck Arika in the realm2016-9-23 23 1Poem
Rama Nayal Rain and Happiness !!!2016-9-22 25 4Poem
Thomas Pender I Am2016-9-22 23 1Poem
tobias kerins Nature2016-9-21 39 6Poem
Dwayne Rankin The Final Leaf of Autumn2016-9-21 95 21Poem
Mercy Kabue HER PROMISE2016-9-21 25 3Poem
Dale Costello Stars into shore...2016-9-21 83 3Poem
Karyn Henry Workin' the Farm2016-9-20 31 2Poem
Richard Gildea Oh Mother Mine!2016-9-20 45 5Poem
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Fun pun for food for thought 2016-9-20 39 12Poem
Michelle Witcher It was never yours2016-9-19 46 1Poem
john vincent I Am Nothing Without Love2016-9-19 29 2Poem
Lanre Samuel A Call to Hoi Polloi 2016-9-18 37 1Poem
Mike DeVincenzi Going to California (Based on the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck)2016-9-18 27 3Poem
Mathews Banda I spoke to a man today... 2016-9-18 30 1Poem
Irfan sehorewala If Gold Can Stay2016-9-18 34 1Poem