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Recent Author Activity

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AuthorMost Recent TitleAddedViewsResponsesType
K Hall This Time2014-9-2 3 0Poem
Paul Butters Rise of Withernsea Wanderers AFC2014-9-2 11 0Short Story
Maggie Pollock To William Chris and Samson2014-9-2 13 0Blog
Victor Omovbude Nuns On The Run'2014-9-2 5 1Poem
Poetic Revolution Movement PEACE2014-9-2 12 2Poem
Mark Gittings Insight2014-9-2 5 2Poem
Adeosun Ayo Of Albert’s Prayer2014-9-2 7 1Poem
Mthandazo Ngwenya EBOLA2014-9-2 12 3Poem
rochish mon BEHIND THAT WALL2014-9-2 6 1Poem
Peter Stavropoulos Empty Without You2014-9-2 10 0Poem
Naveed Khalid Amethyst2014-9-2 9 0Poem
Satheesan Rangorath Poem of love2014-9-2 8 2Poem
Nishu Mathur ' ROMANCING A STONE '2014-9-2 19 1Poem
Partha Sarathi Paul The shorter the stronger.....2014-9-2 14 0Poem
Tara Warriner Invisible2014-9-1 8 1Poem
ROY KNEALE "A TRUE FRIEND." (For Gail Kay of Australia.)2014-9-1 27 5Poem
jeng . Assurance2014-9-1 6 0Poem
VoicesNet News Update on New Website Development2014-9-1 10 1Blog
Jackson Ogboghodo CAPACITY2014-9-1 6 0Poem
Westly Shaw Tiny Teardrops2014-9-1 28 9Poem
Terio Ruiz God's gift to women 2014-9-1 16 1Poem
John Onyeme Unforgiven Corpse2014-9-1 20 5Poem
Samson Iyanda SEPTEMBER(Acrostic)2014-9-1 48 14Poem
Zahra Akbar Hysteric Nobility2014-9-1 14 3Poem
Lee Emmett STRONGLY OBJECT2014-9-1 14 2Poem
Ranganathan S Tired by your goal...a HR message2014-9-1 12 0Blog
Pattra Shuwaswat Good To See You Again 2014-9-1 37 4Poem
Thomas Pender You2014-9-1 16 2Poem
william andrews Colour2014-9-1 12 2Poem
Drsudarsan Prasad WHY DO I FRET?2014-9-1 18 6Poem
Tara Dahal Comic Victory2014-9-1 11 0Poem
Henry Chan Final Semester2014-9-1 14 0Poem
Jacinta Ramayah Re: We’re all on a journey (45) 2014-9-1 28 13Poem
Satish Verma Blackened Seeds2014-8-31 10 0Poem
Zoe Callaghan Trapped2014-8-31 9 0Poem
Charles Fisher And stays and stays2014-8-31 10 1Poem
Darryn Murphy Like Strangers In The Mist 2014-8-31 21 1Poem
Ruth Mita VOICES2014-8-31 16 1Poem
Victor Hawley CAMPING2014-8-31 26 0Poem
Chante Walker Snow Day2014-8-31 14 3Poem
Christine Shaw Sunset Cafe2014-8-31 40 8Poem
Terry Fitterer "40 Reasons NOT To Write a Poem"2014-8-31 41 1Rant
Alan Brown 45,Challenge. We are all on a journey. Roy Kneale2014-8-31 40 12Poem
Jesus Bauzo August2014-8-30 27 8Poem
William Willis Domestic Abuse2014-8-30 46 13Poem
Obvious Makoni Sometimes2014-8-30 17 2Poem
Edwin Jepson A DANGEROUS PLACE.2014-8-30 39 8Poem
Tracy Windisch-Mason For the excellent poets of V.N xo 2014-8-30 29 9Poem
rm shanmugam chettiar Love of the couple2014-8-30 14 0Poem
Muhammad Shanazar A Planet Of The Step-Mother 2014-8-30 14 0Poem