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Rajaram Ramachandran,88 years old,is living in Juhu, Mumbai, India. He has been writing poems since 1965 and has written several poetry books (1) Ramayana (2) Krishna Leela, (3) Mahabharat, (4) The story of Nalan, (5) Sakuntala (6) The story of Harichandran (7) Adi Sankara (8) The Holy Bible, (9) Saint Bernadette (10) Silappadigaram or The Killer Anklet (11) Manimegalai (12) A Bouquet of Oriental Poems and (13) Meera, a Star is born, (14) Saint Thyagaraja (15) Gautama Buddha,(16) Swami vivekananda, (17) Mother Teresa,and (18)Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON), (19) Andal (20) Lava and Kusa, and (21)Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, (22) Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar (23) Ramana Maharishi, 24. Kanchi Maha Swami, 25. Sri Ramanuja. His Ramayana is very popular among the children and is commended by the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sahitya Akademi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and host of other poetry lovers. Please visit his website: www.divinechannel.in
His email rajaram1931@gmail.com

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SHIRDI SAI BABAThe life story of Shirdi Sai Baba every Indian may know. as too many temples in his name have come up in India and across the world too. After his departure from this Earth on 15-10-1918, I was born on 13-07-1931 and became his devotee from a very young age. I had a high fever when I was just 10 years old in the year 1940-41, which was the peak period of World War II. Sai Baba saved my life miraculously and that is a big story to tell here. Today I am nearing my 90th Birthday, as Sai Baba has been helping me now and then during my troublesome life period. I am glad to write his life story, in brief, for the reading pleasure of poetry lovers. 4/15/2020
THE MOTHER OF PONDICHERRYThe Mother of Pondicherry, South India came from Paris, France and settled in India. Along with Sri Aurobindo, she was on the spiritual path. She built up the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry and helped her devotees to attain their spiritual life. Here is a series of poems on her life from 21-02-1878 to 17-11-1973. 3/16/2020
SRI RAMANUJASri Ramanuja (AD 1017-1137) spent 80 of his 120 years at Srirangam. For 20 years he was the Chief Priest of the temple at Srirangam. He was a spiritual teacher. His physical body is preserved even today in a sitting posture in the Temple. His life story is brought in 20 Chapters here briefly 8/22/2019
KANCHI MAHA SWAMIThis is the life story of a world famous great Sage Maha Swami who lived for 100 years at Kanchipuram, South India4/10/2019
RAMANA MAHARISHIRamana was Rishi of Rishis (Saints). So he was called Maharishi (Saint of Saints). He lived in the hills of Annamalai, Tiruivannamalai, South India. On 29-12-1879 he was born,When the clock struck one,In the Thiruchuzhi Town, Near Aruppukkottai, Madurai. On 14-04-1950, Friday it was,at exact time. 08.47 hours He sat himself in Padmasan Pose and his breath stopped his heart. He had many followers world over. This series briefly narrate his life story. 11/18/2018
KING NALANThis is a popular love story that was originally written in Sanskrit By Poet Harsha of North India under the title 'Naishadam.' It was later written in Tamil by Poet Pugazhendi of South India in the name of 'Nala Venba' somewhere between 9th and 13th century AD. Apart from the story value, the poetic style in which it was written in Tamil was very much unique and unparalleled in its presentation.This series containing 32 episodes will reveal to the present generation the life style and culture of the people of those times. 4/13/2018
KING HARICHANDRAThis story is from the famous epic Mahabharata and has been written in several languages in the past. The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi loved this story very much for its moral that spoke high of the faith in the truth, honesty and courage of Harichandran from the beginning to the end. 4/10/2018
SAINT THYAGARAJAThe Saint Thyagaraja was born at Tiruvarur, Thanjavir District on the 4th May 1767. The Saint was well versed in Sanskrit and Telugu languages. He composed thousands of Carnatic Songs, which are very popular even today and are sung by all the famous musicians of South India. He worshiped Lord Rama and composed many songs about the Lord.4/3/2018
STORY POEMS FOR KIDSMost of my poems are written in simple English to enable young kids to follow the same. To create some interest in them to read stories for children of India, I have composed some poems for them. Elders also may take some interest in them.10/23/2017
THE MAHABHARATAMahabharata tells about the two royal families, Pandavas and Kauravas, and the bitter war fought by them for eighteen days. It speaks volume about the truth and non-violence, justice and fair play, good and evil and also of the evil effects of gambling The Kauravas, one hundred sons of King Dhritarashtra were jealous of the Pandavas, five sons of King Pandu. The senior most head of the family, Bhisma tried his best to bring a permanent peace between these two families. Pandavas, who were cheated in a foul gambling dice game by Kauravas, had to go in exile to the forest for 13 years, having lost all their possessions in the gambling. After completion of 13 years, they claimed their kingdom back, but it was refused by Duryodhana, the eldest among the hundered sons of the King Dhiritarashtra. A war broke out that was fought for 18 days at Kurukshetra, India. Finally, Pandavas won with the help of Lord Krishna and Kauravas miserably perished. 9/26/2017
New Oriental PoemsApart from the Bouquet of Oriental Poems I posted earlier, I am now posting the current single poems under this new heading "9/19/2017
KRISHNA LEELALord Vishnu was born as Krishna to relieve the people from suffering in the hands of Demon Kamsa, who tortured and killed many innocent people for fear of his death. There are many temples all over the world worshiping Lord Krishna, particularly temples built for the Lord through out the world by Srila Prabhupada, Founder of ISKCON (INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS). His book on Krishna Leela covers many interesting episodes (Leelas) of Lord Krishna, which are briefly brought out here in simple verses. 8/6/2017
LAVA AND KUSA (UTTARAKANDA)Uttarkanda deals with the tragic part of Sita being forsaken by Rama, Sita was left in the forest near Valmiki’s hermitage, birth of twins Lava and Kusa to Sita in the forest, disappearance of Sita to the Nether world, and finally Rama leaving this mundane world to His abode in the heaven, along with His brothers and other devotees during His life time. 7/27/2017
CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHUChaitanya Mahaprabhu was born as the second son of Jagannath Misra and his wife Sachi Devi, in the town of Nadia, Mayapur, India on the evening of the 18th February 1486 at the time of lunar eclipse. His parents named him Vishvambar, who brought this Hare Krishna movement as a Spiritual Leader. This movement slowly spread all over the world. His life story is told here briefly in 60 simple verses.7/14/2017
ANDALAndal is known as Kodhai or Godha. Among the twelve Alwars, she was the only female saint. She was the author of Thiruppavai, which contains 30 verses in chaste Tamil. Its highly spiritual content praises Lord Krishna for all His leela (plays). She lived in the first half of 8th Centure A.D. But some scholars say that she was born as far back as 300 years B.C. She was born at Srivilliputhur near Madurai, Tamilnadu, South India in Tamil month Adi, Birth Star being Poornam, on a Tuesday, on the 4th day of bright fortnight. In the Tulsi garden as a just born child she was found by Vishnuchitta (Perialwar), a great devotee of Vishnu. 7/1/2017
THE STORY OF MANIMEGALAIAfter writing the story of Silappadigaram, the Killer Anklet, I thought this story will not have a good finish , unless I write the story of Manimegalai, in continuation of the earlier story for the reason Manimegalai, the daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi, was complled by her mother to renounce the worldly life in her prime youthful days, while her grandmother wanted to bring her into her family’s dancing girl profession. It was a trial period for this young girl to face the male dominated society and keep her modesty, while sticking up to the religious compulsions she was thrown in. Finally, she comes out successful in the new chosen field of religious order. One of the finest jewels of Tamil poetry", the epic poem Manimekalai by Poet Sathanar, 2nd century A.D., is unique for the deep spirituality and mysticism it unfolds against the historical and geographical background of South India and of adjacent Jaffna (Sri Lanka). 2/25/2017
SILAPPADIGARAM, THE KILLER ANKLETSilappadigaram story was written by Ilangovadigal, a Prince-turned-Jain-Saint some 1400 years ago in Tamil poetry and who lived in South India at that time. This story revolves round an anklet which was the cause for the death of her husband Kovalan, the King Pandian and his queen. She was a chaste woman and proved her husband Kovalan not guilty and invoked the fire god to burn the whole city of Madurai for the miscarriage of justice by the King Pandian. The whole story was written in pure Tamil poetry of those period. Poet Rajaram Ramachandran has made his best efforts to translate the story in simple English for the reading pleasure of poetry lovers in the West and East. 1/24/2017
TIRUKKURALThis Tirukkural was written by Tiruvalluvar some 2000 years ago in South India in the form of couplets (4 words on first line and 3 words on the second line) This has been translated in almost all the languages of the world. It contains 1330 couplets divided into 133 chapters on many subjects of those days some of which are applicable to us even today. I have translated from Tamil language to English language with detailed explanation in the form of conversation between two persons8/7/2016
Adi Sankara The great Adi Sankara was born at Kalady, Kerala, Western India in the year 686 AD and died in 718 AD. (Some say, he was born in 509 BC and died in 477 BC.) At the time of Adi Shankara's life, Hinduism began to decline because of the influence of Buddhism and Jainism. Hinduism had become divided into innumerable quarrelsome sects. During his short span of 32 years of life, he extensively travelled on foot to various parts of India to restore the study of Vedas. He held discourses and debates with the leading scholars of all these sects and schools of philosophy to controvert their doctrines. In all his works, he stressed the importance of the Vedas, and his efforts helped Hinduism regain its strength and popularity. 5/23/2012
Srila Prabhupada (ISKCON)The life history of Srila Prabhupada, the Founder Member of International Society for Krishna Conciousness. My service to this organization since 1990-91 as a volunteer helped me to write this small book.3/8/2012
MeeraMeera was born in 1498 AD (some say in 1504 AD) in Kudki, a small village near Merta, Rajasthan, India. As a daughter of a Rajput King, she loved Lord Krishna from her childhood and sang in praise of the Lord through her hundreds of songs, which are still being sung through out the country. Her life story is very much inspiring and this how it starts in this series.7/24/2011
SakuntalaThe great Indian epic Mahabharata gave birth to the story of Sakuntala, which was later on composed as a lyrical drama in the Sanskrit language by a famous Poet Kalidasa, somewhere between 1 BC and 4 AD. This is a love story revealing the tradition and culture of the Bharat in those days.7/5/2011
Gautama BuddhaThis series covers the life story of Gautama Buddha, which is quite inspiring to read. He was a prince who became later on a monk. After him came the Buddhism preaching the Truth and Non-violence. He was against animal sacrifices in the name of religion. 5/25/2011
Holy Bible (Old Testament)Having posted the New Testament, I felt like posting the Old Testament also in the poetry format, as I love the Holy Bible very much for its spiritual contents. Hope the Readers may like it.2/19/2011
Mother TeresaThe whole world knows Mother Teresa and her charitable activities. As my humble tribute to this pious and noble Soul, I am presenting her life story in 20 Chapters.11/10/2010
The Holy Bible (New Testament)The Holy Bible has been a sacred book of interest from my younger days. I have selected a few stories from the Old Testament as well as New Testament and rendered them in poetry format. At first, I am posting the New Testament, which covers the life story of Jesus Christ, before taking up the Old Testament, one by one. I took my pen name as "Simple Simon" while writing this series. Readers may kindly send their view to my email address: rajaram1931@gmail.com9/15/2010
RamayanaThe great epic Ramayana for Hindus is like what the Holy Bible is for Christians or Koran for Muslims. Some astronomical calculations say it did happen during 7600 BC approximaely. Sage Valmiki wrote in 24,000 verses the entire story in sanskrit. This is retold by Rajaram Ramachandran here in 56 chapters for the reading pleasure of the Voicesnet Members. 7/21/2010
A Bouquet of Oriental PoemsThis book represents a collection of all my poems written from the year 1965 till the year 2010. Most of them have been posted in voicesnet earlier.6/3/2010
Swami VivekanandaThis is the life story of Swami Vivekananda, the first religious ambassador of India to America, who fought for an Universal Religion.6/1/2010
Saint BernadetteThis is the life story of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, France, a simple village girl who became a saint.5/31/2010
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