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Joining VoicesNet is the best thing any creative poet can do to further their challenges in writing. I do enjoy writing children's, poems, stories and book. I have published two books; Alisa's New Life by Linda Bates, and Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients by Linda B Bates. It contains my prayer/poem 'I see...what I cannot see.' which is within my list of poems here on VoicesNet.
My books presently are available on many online books store sites.
I like to write from a childs point of view, though I am 61 now I still can see some things from a youthful mind in a most creative way. It makes it fun to write, as well as fun reading for all ages.
Three of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley.
Not all poems come from the heart some are created from sheer wisdom of ones inner soul.

Group TitleGroup DescriptionAdded
January 2017 through December 2017 All Poems of 2017 9/4/2017
January 2015 - December 2016In this collection is each poem I've posted on for the year of 2015. 1/21/2015
VALENTINES DAY POEMSSome Valentines Day poems from my collection of poems.2/13/2014
January through December 2014 Poems by Linda Bates Terrell January through December 20141/9/2014
Fall and Winter Poems Winter poems from 2008 to present 11/29/2013
Poems Written in 2008 and 2009 I started this site in October 2008 and though some of the poems were written before that I post them to the current date I added them on here. 9/29/2013
January through June 2013 Poems and documents I wrote in the months of January and June 2013 9/29/2013
August through December 2013 Poems collection of August through December 2013 9/26/2013
From The Beginning This is my collection of poems from the time I started to well that I'm not sure yet. I have the others in a collection named Book of Poems I will add the dates of it soon. This one starts In October 2008 8/18/2013
Poems collection of July 2013 This is a collection of poems for July 2013 7/20/2013
Hunter Schultz Wild Thanksgiving Holiday Hunter Schultz is an average teen. His best friend Calvin and he are inseparable and are child hood pals. The two boys run go to great lengths to defend Hunters Dad when he is being framed by his wife's step brother. Through the events it is a funny and adventure read. If I post too much it will be of no joy to discover all fun and adventure the books holds of the hilarious at times, Schultz family events and Wild Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner. 10/19/2012
Religious Collections of Poems This is a collection of poems about God, Angels, and various beliefs. 10/4/2012
Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday PoemsIn 2008 I started writing a Thanksgiving poem, I read on of a fellow poet and it was fun to create it. Now I continue the festive write, by writing one of each every year. In this "Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Poems" Collection you will see a few of the ones I've written. 10/3/2012
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012 This is a collection of my poems since I started seriously writing poems, short stores, and books. Some were written further back than 2008, but that is when I started on this site. 9/29/2012
Poems for Children I sometimes like to write poems that children might enjoy reading, or ones that may be read to children by a parent or maybe grandparent, babysitter etc. 9/28/2012
Scamper Shrugs Poems I wrote this group of poems and may add some more to it. I created Scamper Shrugs to be be a type of children's book to show the good lessons in life to children. To show the real meaning of friends. 9/28/2012
Cold Streets This is a story about Rusty Fenbrook. I wrote it from a mans point of view, though I am female. It was different and a bit difficult at times, to approach a book in this way,as I have always just wrote it from the writers point in a different sort of view and not the main character as the writer. It is about how God works his way through the main character and changes his life, while adding three homeless people to become his friends. The story is for about a year and includes two Christmas's. And through it all Rusty learns finally what God wanted him to learn through it all about "Love, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Hope you all enjoy it. Linda Bates Terrell. 12/2/2011
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