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I come originally from the Philippines and have settled in Denmark with my Danish husband.
I teach in a Danish school, teaching subjects like art, music, historĂ½, religious studies and English. I write poetry and illustrate them with some drawings or paintings.

I write poems when my heart is touched by some events and situations which call for common efforts for help and solidarity. I wish my poems to be a window to my Christian faith.

If you want to see some of my paintings and poems, kindly visit my website:




Group TitleGroup DescriptionAdded
Darkness and Terror Poems on the victims of terror and the struggle against violence and terror... 12/29/2016
Focus on Poetry Only trying to sort out verses that attempt to describe and define poetry. Still to be worked on with the theme in mind. 3/21/2016
Love and Valentine Trying to make a collection of my poems with more focus on romantic love between man and woman, and will possibly include some articles I wrote on love and forms of love. 1/17/2016
RefugeesA collection of poems or blogs on the issue of refugees in our time. 9/12/2015
Mother's Voice, (Novel) Attempting to write a new novel, the mother's voice in a child, in a mother and nature. Join with me as I develop the plot of the story. Give your comments as I continue to work on details of the 22 chapters. 8/16/2015
Heartbeats for VN poems and blogs for voicesnet.com and for those within this international community 2/19/2015
Dialogue Betwee Religions Poems on attempts for building bridges among religions. 4/20/2014
New Beginning/New Year poems on New Year and the struggle for renewal and new beginning 12/28/2013
Lamentation over Philippine TragediesPoems and blogs for the victims and expression of personal sorrows.11/16/2013
Food and HealthPoems to contain some inspirational notes in dealing with health which is much related to our intake of food...5/26/2013
Advent and ChristmasPoems written to welcome the season and attempt to give their meaning and significance in our time. 1/5/2013
Inspirational PoemsPoems which invite readers to go a step forward in reaching out the ray of light, of hope and motivation to live and struggle. The inspiration can be in a form of prayer from the heart. 11/23/2012
Super Power in Nature and Human Tragedy Poems on nature when they bring long-term tragedy in the lives of people. 10/31/2012
Halloween PoemsJust trying to put together my poems on Halloween. 10/31/2012
Let Us Navigate Poetry This collection contains poems, written as response to the given title challenges of some VN friends. 6/12/2012
Island of Child's Fear, Shame and Faith A novel 1/2/2012
Celebrating Mothers in our World Poems that raise tributes to a mother or mothers, poems that remember what they have done to their children and what their children have learned from them. 11/15/2011
Love and FriendshipPoems that should focus on the whys of lasting friendship and how friendships are honored and preserved. 8/4/2011
Haiku poems I am just attempting to try writing some Haiku poems, just learning this poetic type. It is fun trying. With these I want to recapture the beauty of nature and her challenges. 6/20/2011
People of the Book, Common Heritage This will contain poems and reflections on the common elements in Christianity and Islam. 4/12/2011
Nature and MankindPoems, emphasizing the beauty of nature and the inter-relatedness between nature and the whole of humanity. 1/28/2011
AngelsPoems and reflections on angels in our time and age. 1/23/2011
Short Stories on Childhood MemoriesAs one gets older,one begins to see the value of childhood memories,one begins to see the worth of sharing them to the greater humanity in print. These stories can be legacies in life which can be an inspiration or a challenge. 1/23/2011
Blogs and Short Stories on WomenReflections on women situation and short stories that reflect their role in society, their plight and struggles 1/2/2011
Spirituality in the Heart Poems and blogs trying to affirm the work of the Holy Spirit in people's hearts. 7/24/2010
Children and Parenting Poems on children and the responsibility of parenting...7/9/2010
Education and Development Poems on education as vehicle for development. 7/7/2010
SportsPoems on sports, the arena for friendship and tolerance or possible excesses...6/26/2010
Light and Trancendence Poems on light and other signs of God's presence 6/12/2010
Words and Pen , Prose and PoetryPoems on the mystery of language and the creative creations by the pen. 6/8/2010
Life and Death Poems and blogs on the beauty of life and the ugliness of death as part of life. 6/4/2010
TributesPoems and blogs that honor the lives and memories of important people in our own lives and in history 6/3/2010
Faith, Church Life and Ministry Poems on the Christian faith, the church's excesses and expressions of Christian service. 5/25/2010
Human AlienationPoems on human alienation--- despair, loneliness, death, absence...5/24/2010
Seasons and Their Own Stories Poems on the seasons of the year and the message they possibly bring. 5/24/2010
Politics and World Solidarity Poems touching on political issues and issuing call for common solidarity5/24/2010
War Poems and Cry for Peace Poems on war and every man's cry for peace to dwell in. Poems on waste and human vanity. 5/24/2010
Hunger, Poverty and Lopsided Development Poems on hunger and poverty set in the context of modern development.5/24/2010
Women, Woes and StrugglePoems affirming the value of women, exposing their pain and their struggle for wholeness.5/24/2010
Fury of Nature and Human Responsibility Poems on nature, on nature's beauty and fury and the call for every man's exercise of responsibility5/23/2010
Love and HopeInspirational poems on love as the balm and hope as a beacon of light pressing us on to keep on.5/23/2010
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