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I am 64 years old , retired and getting older by the day haha.. My daughter , and youngest child is 18 and has graduated. and my son is now 21 years old. Wishing I had the energy I did 10 years ago so I could keep up with them oh sigh.
I spend most of my retired time writing poetry as well as a few stories (in which I love to add poetry to)

Group TitleGroup DescriptionAdded
a touch of humourPoems that are touched with humour 11/23/2013
Love poems from the heartLove in all its splendor, filled with life, joy as well sorrow that follows in the end.6/27/2011
The Passing SeasonsA poetic look at the seasons, what they mean how they effect us all by describing the natural beauty and charm found in each season as it passes.5/8/2011
The Sasquatch SeriesThis is a series of narrative poems which deals with the legend and life of the Sasquatch told in a humorous way with the intent to entertain the reader7/28/2010
Poems from the BibleThese Poems are taken from Biblical texts sometimes in an interpretive stance and sometimes in a paraphrase7/16/2010
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