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My interests are Reading, Writing, Art, Travel and Sport.
God Bless,
Aramis /|\

Group TitleGroup DescriptionAdded
Event CompetitionsOccasional competitions set for fun amongst VN members5/23/2013
HaikuHaiku - poetry form11/9/2012
SonnetsVarious rhyming schemes are used in Sonnet formats. Shakespeare typically used 14 lines - 12 in 'acbd' structure with an 'ab' rhyming couplet to complete. 7/17/2011
Book of "Inspirational Title Challenges"My Take on titles set by fellow members inclusive of responses, in chronological order.7/12/2011
LiteratureCharacters and stories related in literature both Fictional and Factual6/13/2011
FunFunny Stories, Cartoon characters, life etc;6/9/2011
Musical ChairsLove , angst, relationships of all kinds related to Singers and their Songs 6/8/2011
Living QuartersCities of the World. Architecture and Heritage6/6/2011
Sporting ArenaAccounts of sporting contests and sports heroes. Sporting achievement, inclusive of indoor and outdoor pursuits6/4/2011
Competition EntriesCollection of poems submitted for judging by VN assessors.5/8/2011
"Streets of Sand"Experiences of life in book form (on going)4/2/2011
VN Friendships and Misc' ItemsPoems or comments relating to friends on VN. Information received from VN Team and JJ4/2/2011
Natural ExistenceIncorporating poems on life and the natural world4/2/2011
Matters of the HeartPoems related to love of family, friends inclusive of relationships4/2/2011
Matters of FaithPoems related to my Faith. Comments on other faiths and belief systems. God in relation to world events, science and historical facts. 4/2/2011
Inspirational Title Challenge 'Baton Changes'Invitation to set 'Title Challenges' for fellow VN members4/2/2011
Veterans ThoughtsThoughts and conjecture related to my time as a member of HM Armed Forces. Comments on political posturing, long suffering innocents of war and what the future may hold. Several pieces related to a particular 'incident' that changed my life, my plans for the future and my well being.4/2/2011
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