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I am Osman Gani. I am 30 years old. I have completed Honours Graduation on Literature from Khulna University. I have also completed my MBA there. During my study life, I have been introduced with literature from various parts of the world. As a student of literature, I have a deep love for the world of Literature. I hope my poetry and writing can be a small step in the vast road of Literature. Now working at Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. You can Follow me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/OGK007) and Twitter(@OsmanGani89). Please post response on my poems if you like them or want to give me any suggestions. Feel absolutely free to comment on my poems, short stories and blogs and rate them through your judgement. I have had several of my poems published in poetry books "International Collaboration on Light and Dark" "Mazes and Mysteries in Life" "Dark and Gothic" and few others.

Group TitleGroup DescriptionAdded
MY TRANSLATIONS (Osman Gani)This is a collection of great poems that I have translated for you all because the art of Poetry is for all and it should not be hidden for language barriers and differences.2/23/2012
CONSCIENCE-CATCHER(Osman)Some poems that strikes the inner core of our conscience that sleeps ignorantly.8/3/2011
POEMS ON DEATH (Osman Gani)My poems that deals with various perspectives on DEATH.7/19/2011
POEMS ON LOVE(Osman Gani)My poems that deal with various aspects of LOVE.7/12/2011
MYSTERIOUS SHORT STORIES(Osman Gani)A collection of short stories full of suspense.7/1/2011
3 STAR CONTEST POEMS(Osman Gani)The poems that I have submitted for International Poetry contest. Both of these poems got 3 stars out of three stars in respectively May and April's International poetry contests.5/23/2011
POEMS FOR LAUGHTERPoems that deals with some trivial issues with great seriousness. hence, produces laughter at the end.5/20/2011
WE AND THE NATURAL WORLDNature related poem with which we can identify ourselves.5/17/2011
Family Poems (emotional)These poems in this collection reflects the emotions that I share or shared with my family. The relationships in a family have unversal appeal as everyone has a family.5/14/2011
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