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Pregnant with LifeI seem to have written a lot of poems while pregnant, or with young children. I hope it's not too heavy going for you.... presented with love...2/4/2019
The Art of DyingMy own father took some 25 years to die - with us being called to his bedside at the hospital for a final goodbye many many times. With this in mind, I became very at home with the idea of death and dying and all its secrets. I never set out to write a lot of songs about this very subject, but here, all these years later, I have a complete collection (and more to come, I suspect). They are all written to give me, and hopefully you, a small element of peace in a time that can be such tumultuous upheaval. Presented to you with love and grace. x1/17/2019
The Winter of LoveA long relationship is like the seasons - the Spring of new romance, the Summer of content, the doubt and shedding of Autumn and finally the desolation of Winter. The trick is of course, remembering that however long Winter feels, Spring must always follow. 1/17/2019
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