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I was very new to the internet when I discovered the Voices Forums page and saved it to my favourites but It was some time later that I found this wonderful original home page and the world of poetry expanded for me. I have watched it grow as JJ tweaked here and there and constantly worked to improve it. He worked hard to produce this page as we know it. Kudos JJ!
Voicesnet is my faith-filled community. It is inspiring and uplifting. I have made wonderful friends over the years and am grateful for all the encouragement received. Thank you to all my voices friends for being here. Watching poets grow and develop their skills has been amazing.
Thank you to dear Jeff - and thank you Jackie for continuing his dream.

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LIFE'S JOURNEYLessons, and thoughts philosophical and just plain observant that I have noticed/learned along the road of life.5/23/2012
LOVE POEMSRomance, love, faithfulness...all that goes into building a lasting relationship.6/14/2010
SPIRITUALWalking with GOD. My journey.5/31/2010
FAMILY POEMSThese are poems inspired by family members, experiences and love.5/31/2010
NATURE POEMSPoems inspired by the world around me.5/31/2010
BLOGSOnline diary of events in my life.5/31/2010
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