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VoicesNet rescued me from total isolation, after losing my voice for several months. I live in the USA (Illinois) and have been writing fiction and poetry since 1997. I have been a newspaper columnist and am owner/editor of "KrisLar Publishing.

My first novel, "BLOODLINE: The Glass House," is about a horrific generational curse. "JUNK MAN" (novella) is a fun zombie story, and the vampire novel, "DAWN & THE DEAD," and novel, "THE DOLL," were posted here on, a chapter a week, until finished. "DAWN & THE DEAD was the first work, ever, posted in Collection form, here on

"DAWN & THE DEAD" is now available in softcover book form: ISBN#978-0-9841655-1-3
"THE DOLL" released in softcover August 2011. ISBN# 978-0-9841655-2-0
Both of these books may be acquired through KrisLar Publishing, through your local book store, and

Since rededicating my life to Jesus Christ, I no longer write horror fiction, even with a Christian lesson to it. In

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JUNK MANJUNK MAN: "How bad do you want to see your dad?" Willy's grip remained tight. Tears sprouted from my eyes. I looked at the sky in an effort to get them to go back where they came from. But one of them slid down my cheek betraying me. "I'll take that as 'real bad,'" he said. "If you want to see him, meet me here at eleven o'clock tomorrow night. There'll be a full moon." Twelve-year old Michael Stokes was still trying to come to terms with the sudden death of his father when he met William Jungmann, better known as Junk Man by the residents of Outlast. As far as the locals were concerned Willy Junk Man was just an eccentric junk collector. What they didn't know was, Willy was also an inventor and dabbled in Black Magic. The combination of the two would produce a disaster from which the town of Outlast would never fully recover - or forget. 3/31/2012
I WRITE BECAUSE I MUSTThis blog is written for writers of all kinds. It's here to inform you of the happenings on VoicesNet and especially the Writers Club forums. It's here to encourage struggling writers. And, on occasion, I'll tell you how I'm faring on some of my own writing projects. Basically, I'm here to help. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments.1/1/2012
Short StoriesAssorted ChristianHorrorFiction short stories. 2/20/2011
THE DOLLFour-year old Molly Pearce found it buried beneath the old Elm tree back in 1896. She wouldn't have known it was there except a big rainstorm uncovered one porcelain foot. Molly was covered in mud when she came running back to the house with the doll in her arms. Three days later she was covered in blood. 1/16/2011
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEKSome horror movies are so bad, they're down right comical. Some are so bad all you can do is sit there and say "Is it over yet? Is it over yet?" And then there are the ones you feel like, "Well, it's started out so bad it can only get better from here!" WRONG! At any rate, here's my take on them.5/30/2010
Writing For JoyLittle tips and quips on writing for the fun of it.5/30/2010
DAWN & THE DEADDawn discovers there's more to her family secret than running a funeral home with adjoining cemetery5/16/2010
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