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I write, therefore I am. Seem to be blessed with a gift for creative writing. Just love to write, or type! Must keep learning however.

Like to see myself as a man of vision: looking up into outer space and beyond. Into the spiritual. Will explore inner space more, from now on, too.

Am not a regular churchgoer yet somehow my poems often come out with strong religious undertones, or are they overtones? Whatever. I just love writing and a bit of reading. Sports such as Table Tennis and Association Football interest me too.

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PC JokeJoke29655282/18/200911/17/2017
How to CHEAT at Table TennisBlog21650131/15/201311/18/2017
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Politics and AncestryBlog14433008/22/200811/17/2017
Do You Need Therapy?Blog143620010/12/201411/18/2017
Yorkshire, Sunday 2\8\2009.Blog14181008/2/200911/17/2017
MaroonedShort Story14020001/22/200911/17/2017
Meerkat ManorBlog13290008/22/200811/17/2017
Yet More ReligionBlog12510008/22/200811/17/2017
PoltergeistShort Story12291001/26/200911/18/2017
Meerkat EmpireShort Story12292007/5/200911/18/2017
Ball PlayBlog12180008/22/200811/17/2017
AbductedShort Story12100008/9/200911/17/2017
Creative Writing for MeBlog119600011/10/200811/18/2017
Yet More ReligionBlog119510011/17/200811/17/2017
My Dream TeamShort Story11870008/31/200911/17/2017
Table Tennis: The Chesman and Winslow YearsBlog11500002/22/201111/17/2017
SerenityShort Story10831004/13/201111/17/2017
What Am I?Blog10691007/29/201011/17/2017
King Arthur and the PoliceBlog10530007/26/201011/17/2017
Suicide Bombers: Why Do You Do It?Blog10400002/22/201111/17/2017
Gordon and A.N.O. - The Two BanksiesBlog10290002/22/201111/17/2017
LotteryShort Story10140002/12/201111/17/2017
To Suicide Bombers: WHY?Blog10092147/27/201111/17/2017
My WritingBlog10080007/29/201011/17/2017
Writing Online is like Facebook and X FactorBlog100550012/13/201011/17/2017
Table Tennis Blog 29\7\2010.Blog9961007/29/201011/17/2017
Ping Pong World Championship 2013Blog9863131/15/201311/17/2017
Our OriginsBlog9770008/22/201011/17/2017
Creative Writing and IBlog9541004/13/201111/17/2017
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