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I write, therefore I am. Seem to be blessed with a gift for creative writing. Just love to write, or type! Must keep learning however.

Like to see myself as a man of vision: looking up into outer space and beyond. Into the spiritual. Will explore inner space more, from now on, too.

Am not a regular churchgoer yet somehow my poems often come out with strong religious undertones, or are they overtones? Whatever. I just love writing and a bit of reading. Sports such as Table Tennis and Association Football interest me too.

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Louisa Butters RIP (5\3\1921 (Leeds) - 12\12\2013 (Keighley): My MumBlog11693003/8/20142/14/2020
Dave (John) Ralph and Brian HawkheadBlog104001111/12/20101/28/2020
Grimsby Table Tennis League Season 2013-14Blog8700006/4/20142/7/2020
A Way of Life: Towards a Better Living: Lifism!Blog8132004/24/20122/1/2020
My Piece was Censored and Moderated by VoicesNetBlog8026008/14/20121/28/2020
Planet ParadiseShort Story7760004/1/20152/17/2020
World's Oldest Author and PoemBlog7335157/9/20142/4/2020
Lennox the Dog: Very SadBlog7252007/19/20122/9/2020
Marinia 7Short Story6990006/12/20131/28/2020
Is there an Afterlife?Blog6854003/14/20141/28/2020
How to Regain ParadiseBlog67910011/15/20102/10/2020
Grimsby Table Tennis: The Middle AgesBlog6790114/27/20152/15/2020
HyperdriveShort Story6752003/17/20151/28/2020
Deleted Part OneShort Story6700002/22/20111/28/2020
Facebook for MeBlog6510005/21/20141/28/2020
Am I an Agnostic or What?Blog6252002/22/20111/28/2020
How to be AssertiveBlog6110158/17/20132/16/2020
Table Tennis: Focus, Focus, FocusBlog6110004/15/20151/31/2020
Ghostly EncounterShort Story6040005/12/20132/13/2020
First ContactShort Story6033003/13/20151/28/2020
Freedom, Not Correctness, in PoetryBlog60053154/3/20141/28/2020
Writing, My WayBlog5990005/28/20141/28/2020
My Diet for Health and Weight Control (and Loss!)Blog5990001/23/20152/15/2020
EarthquakeShort Story59610012/12/20141/28/2020
Quran OpeningBlog5930009/19/20151/31/2020
My Career in the Grimsby Table Tennis League 'Early Years' (1982-1990)Blog5890001/1/20172/17/2020
Grimsby Table Tennis Archive 2012 - Transition TimeBlog5880001/2/20171/23/2020
WormholeShort Story5850007/7/20141/28/2020
Marinia 7 Part 2Short Story5850004/26/20141/28/2020
Down with Religious Intolerance and RacismBlog5826151/8/20151/28/2020
Is "Triond" Dead? Blog5820003/8/20161/28/2020
RegressionShort Story5810009/16/20151/28/2020
My Table Tennis Brag SheetBlog5760008/18/20151/28/2020
What is this SEO Business All About?Blog5751005/25/20141/28/2020
Wormhole Chapter TwoShort Story5740147/19/20141/28/2020
An Easy Way to Write PoetryBlog5690002/22/20111/28/2020
The Chase episode I would LOVE to seeShort Story5672003/28/20141/28/2020
Campus Part Two - Into The FieldShort Story55700012/16/20141/28/2020
Rise of Withernsea Wanderers AFCShort Story5500009/2/20142/3/2020
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