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My life has been filled with blessings and self discoveries. My first book has been published: "Within These Branches: Poetry of Life and Nature". Would never have dreamed it could happen. I am in process of another book of poetry and a novel. It is never too late! I have a wonderful family: husband, 2 sons 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Poetry has always been a great interest to me since I was a teenager. I am so thankful for this website, where creativity abounds. I feel energized and passionate about writing and anticipate the unique poems I read. Poetry is forever around us in countless forms. I also enjoy various types of music and play the piano. I particularly enjoy the beauty and magic of nature.

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A Message of Gratitude and PeaceBlog6249111412/19/20083/30/2020
THE WAGONShort Story468415293/30/20093/30/2020
A TESTAMENT OF LOVEShort Story18692002/18/20093/17/2020
INSPIRATIONAL POEM TITLE SUBMISSION 3-27-11Event Announcement17832003/27/20113/30/2020
The Loneliest Time of the YearBlog178080012/10/20083/17/2020
A PLAIN GOLD BANDShort Story17516002/17/20113/31/2020
THE PEDDLERShort Story169273112/25/20093/28/2020
MY FEATHERED FRIENDShort Story163310282/1/20103/27/2020
The Fountain of Youth Is...Blog159330012/12/20083/21/2020
HOW FRAGILE THIS LIFEBlog157080011/30/20083/17/2020
I DON'T WANT TO GROW UPBlog153511371/25/20103/30/2020
INSPIRATIONAL TITLE CHALLENGEEvent Announcement15331005/1/20113/28/2020
TO KNOW AN ANGELShort Story150710001/13/20093/17/2020
THANK YOU VOICES NET Event Announcement150515009/13/20093/27/2020
THE FACE OF OPPRESSIONBlog149614148/23/20093/27/2020
ANGELS WITHOUT WINGSBlog14788151/17/20103/26/2020
Cardamom and MothballsShort Story146820011/24/20083/29/2020
The Sharing AngelShort Story1464142711/9/20083/20/2020
WITHIN THESE BRANCHESEvent Announcement1457120011/25/20093/27/2020
FACE IN THE CROWD: AN EASTER MESSAGEShort Story144711143/28/20103/27/2020
WHO KNEW?Short Story14125273/1/20093/27/2020
In The Garden of Mr. CarinoShort Story13675132/4/20093/27/2020
SUMMERS AND GREEN LAKEShort Story13547148/18/20113/28/2020
TREE OF LOVEShort Story1339931412/13/20093/30/2020
WHERE DAYDREAMS RESTShort Story12926003/26/20093/27/2020
A LOAF OF BREADShort Story125611285/31/20103/27/2020
PAPER CHASERSShort Story12172004/28/20093/27/2020
ISOLATED ANGELSRant11955141/4/20123/25/2020
MOM & MAGICAL MONDAYSShort Story116483155/5/20103/27/2020
DOUBLE SCOOPShort Story109281410/3/20103/27/2020
R E S P E C TBlog10021231411/20/20103/27/2020
HOLIDAY WISHESEvent Announcement95180012/24/20113/17/2020
THE ULTIMATE COOK Short Story8404005/11/20123/23/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIAEvent Announcement82641411/8/20133/28/2020
2000 POEMSEvent Announcement80314111/29/20143/28/2020
VACATIONEvent Announcement78890010/19/20133/28/2020
69th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge "WHEN YOU GET TO THE END OF YOUR ROPE TIE A KNOT IN IT AND HEvent Announcement6808008/7/20163/28/2020
THANK YOU ALL PARTICPANTS IN TITLE CHALLENGE #69Event Announcement5564009/5/20163/28/2020
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