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Is a 67 year old scientist ,widely traveled across the world. Has understood that love is the treasure,for which every one craves ,but does not realize its value when they get it . I love children and struggle very hard to think like one.Has been writing poetry from teenage , but never bothered to publish it, Voicesnet has been a God sent, hope to exchange views and ideas with an extraordinary group of sensitive and talented poets. please also take a look at:

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A HANDFUL OF SOULBlog456932391/1/20096/17/2019
UNHEARD OF QUOTESBlog36685141/27/20096/17/2019
DO AND DIE SITUATIONJoke24335144/30/20096/17/2019
SWINE FLU DIAGNOSISJoke23754135/5/20096/17/2019
SWINE FLUJoke207911134/28/20096/17/2019
THE POLITICIAN- A LIZARD.Joke18965003/28/20096/17/2019
WHERE IS SILICON VALLEY ?Joke18786152/20/20126/17/2019
PINKY’S SMILE CHARMS!Blog18637273/3/20096/17/2019
WHEN SATAN LAUGHSJoke18425001/28/20096/17/2019
ONE MINUTE SMILES!Joke18288142/23/20096/17/2019
MY BOSS: A PROPHETJoke17868143/11/20096/17/2019
HUMOR: A LIFE SAVER 1Blog175851512/16/20086/17/2019
MOTHER INLAW'S DEATH : A CORONER'S REPORTJoke17494005/10/20096/17/2019
LAUGH OR CRY ?Joke17196117/31/20106/17/2019
SOME NEW YEAR FIRE WORKS !Joke169661512/31/20116/18/2019
SLUM –GURU- BILLIONAIRE!Rant169510002/1/20096/17/2019
NEWTON'S LAW OF POWER -GRAVITYJoke16485155/26/20096/17/2019
BOSS ALMIGHTY !Joke16420007/23/20096/17/2019
LOVE MEANS !Blog16274002/8/20116/17/2019
BREAK THE GLASS AND LAND ONE IN AN EMERGENCY!Joke16240003/22/20096/17/2019
THE BATON HAS COME TO ME - 7'TH POEM TITLEEvent Announcement16169005/17/20116/18/2019
GAS MANIAJoke15866147/22/20136/16/2019
BE MY VALENTINE!Blog157613142/12/20096/17/2019
CORPORATE WARS!Joke15612002/5/20096/17/2019
HEAVEN'S DOOR Joke15557128/1/20106/17/2019
EASTER CAPERS !Joke15510004/8/20126/17/2019
INVOCATION TO GODDESS!Blog15377141/4/20096/17/2019
HUMOR : A LIFE SAVER 4 Blog150121412/28/20086/17/2019
MY BOSS – A LAMENTBlog150015001/7/20096/17/2019
A SPEED CONTEST!Joke14929002/9/20096/17/2019
BABY ON WHEELS !Joke14845117/24/20136/16/2019
THE FIRST BARS OF A MELODY ARE HEARD Event Announcement14326125/12/20116/17/2019
A LITTLE RESPITEJoke14256002/28/20096/17/2019
DESTINY’S SUPER- BOYJoke14183001/29/20096/17/2019
TALE OF A SLUM –DWELLER! Joke14158001/26/20096/17/2019
NAVARATHRI - HONORING THE MOTHER!Blog14129139/19/20096/17/2019
A GREAT SWINEJoke14080006/11/20096/17/2019
LIFE GOES ON!Joke14044007/30/20106/17/2019
I AM BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL, THANK YOU GOD!Event Announcement1404212109/25/20136/18/2019
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