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Hi,I'm Ken,
I've been a traveller most of my life living and working in different countries throughout the world. I'm a widower and a grandfather to 2 beautiful adult granddaughters.I only started writing a few years ago.I've never been conciously exposed to poetry before or ever read any poety until quite recently. I have found that writing rhyming narrative poetry or ballad poetry is my comfort zone, I enjoy telling stories and bringing the emotion to my writing.I love words and their sounds and enjoy experimenting with their phrasing
and context.

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To ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires’ Rant13877157/26/20116/16/2019
Ride On The WindShort Story9041147/30/20136/17/2019
The Little Boy With The Red BalloonShort Story8691004/30/20146/16/2019
Child Of The Blood Moon Blog81300010/8/20146/18/2019
Commedia de’ arte - 'The Harlequinade'Short Story6660002/7/20146/16/2019
71st Challenge - The Inner Child - Its Influence On Our Past Present And Future Short Story64870010/9/20166/16/2019
The Haunting of TobiasShort Story6140009/1/20156/17/2019
The Glass Ballerina - A Fairytale For Julia Mary Willis Short Story51710011/11/20166/17/2019
72nd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge Tittle. Event Announcement49150011/7/20166/16/2019
72nd Challenge – Baton Holders FarewellEvent Announcement48070012/6/20166/16/2019
82nd Musketeers Inspirational Tittle ChallengeEvent Announcement47950011/7/20176/16/2019
82nd Challenge – Baton Holders FarewellEvent Announcement42150012/6/20176/17/2019
Rufus, The Flying Millipede, And The Mangy Tom Cat Short Story3750008/10/20176/18/2019
Old Mr Follets Plum TreeShort Story3742002/22/20186/16/2019
It’s All Smoke And MirrorsRant34160011/1/20176/16/2019
Have Grown A FondnessShort Story3081003/22/20186/16/2019
Far Too Late The TearsShort Story2975003/15/20186/19/2019
A Layman’s Theory On The Origin Of Our Universe Blog2654004/6/20186/16/2019
The Last Dusty Crooked MileShort Story2571004/1/20186/16/2019
Give Them A ChanceRant22720010/20/20186/18/2019
That Shady Lady SadieShort Story21240010/28/20186/18/2019
A Moment Of MadnessBlog18420010/5/20186/16/2019
The Death Of DobbinBlog1626002/27/20196/17/2019
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