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Joining VoicesNet is the best thing any creative poet can do to further their challenges in writing. I do enjoy writing children's, poems, stories and book. I have published two books; Alisa's New Life by Linda Bates, and Nick Bradford's Ghostly Clients by Linda B Bates. It contains my prayer/poem 'I see...what I cannot see.' which is within my list of poems here on VoicesNet.
My books presently are available on many online books store sites.
I like to write from a childs point of view, though I am 61 now I still can see some things from a youthful mind in a most creative way. It makes it fun to write, as well as fun reading for all ages.
Three of my favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley.
Not all poems come from the heart some are created from sheer wisdom of ones inner soul.

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IN THE DARKNESS OF THE ROOMShort Story13792009/10/20112/21/2020
LOVE OVER-RULES EXPERIENCEShort Story13520008/27/20112/20/2020
Appreciation! Pay It Forward With A Poem! Rant13476114/25/20142/20/2020
Life Along The WayShort Story129000012/17/20092/21/2020
Cold Streets (1)Short Story122150011/13/20112/20/2020
The Shiny Red and White Bike Short Story11670001/6/20122/20/2020
Cold Streets (17) (The last chapter)Short Story112201312/1/20112/20/2020
WORDS AND BULLIESBlog11200001/20/20122/24/2020
Chapter 2 " In The Darkness Of The Room." Short Story11130009/13/20112/24/2020
The story My Jimmy O JimmyShort Story109830010/3/20092/20/2020
Life Is Like A PencilShort Story10741151/7/20152/20/2020
What Is That In The Dark?Short Story10420009/23/20102/24/2020
Cold Streets (10) Short Story104211211/23/20112/20/2020
We Are What We are..... all talented in our own ways. Blog10395006/15/20132/20/2020
Santa's Christmas-O-Momotor (partial rhyming short story)Short Story103821512/18/20132/20/2020
Bentons LoveShort Story10330003/13/20102/23/2020
COLD STREETS CHAPTER 1 - 17 Blog103101511/20/20122/20/2020
The Minds Power Over Reasoning Hate, Love, And Peace. Blog10070008/26/20132/22/2020
BUTTERCUP IN THE GARDEN TOO! (STORY) Short Story10032006/7/20132/24/2020
Cold Streets (9) Short Story98821411/20/20112/23/2020
Love Doesn't Change... Just The Parenting Roles. Blog9855005/23/20122/20/2020
Food Chemicals, ICK! Rant9710005/3/20142/20/2020
Cold Streets(6) Short Story95120011/15/20112/23/2020
Cold Streets (4) Short Story93810011/15/20112/20/2020
Gold Crumbles To "Old O'clock" Short Story9222299/18/20132/20/2020
Oh, How I Adore...Spring! Blog9026005/7/20122/23/2020
Even the best poets and writers have room for improvement. . Blog8976002/9/20122/20/2020
The LetterShort Story8953155/31/20132/20/2020
Primal Instinct vs IntelligenceBlog8693131/31/20142/20/2020
"The City Exhales" the name of this short story so far....Short Story8530003/9/20112/20/2020
Love's Three Gray RocksBlog84340011/16/20122/23/2020
Friends More Precious Than Gold Blog8431001/24/20132/23/2020
Where Blame Resides - Tears Follow Blog8370003/1/20122/20/2020
A request to learn new words for any VN writers and or poets too.Blog8356141/13/20132/20/2020
First 30 Seconds Blog8212008/23/20132/20/2020
Santa's A Good Old Redneck Too. Short Story80801112/20/20122/21/2020
What's On Your Mind? Short Story8080158/6/20132/20/2020
(1) The Meaning Of Words Are Sometimes Just Learned Assumptions Blog7989008/17/20132/20/2020
Questions Of What You Like Best About PoetryBlog7904158/28/20132/20/2020
Is it or is it not the way we see it. Blog7758009/1/20132/20/2020
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