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I come originally from the Philippines and have settled in Denmark with my Danish husband.
I teach in a Danish school, teaching subjects like art, music, historý, religious studies and English. I write poetry and illustrate them with some drawings or paintings.

I write poems when my heart is touched by some events and situations which call for common efforts for help and solidarity. I wish my poems to be a window to my Christian faith.

If you want to see some of my paintings and poems, kindly visit my website:




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This Fragile Life of Ours Blog8160001/24/201012/7/2019
Concert of Sigurd Barret in Kolding at Kristkirken Blog8100002/7/201212/7/2019
Mother's Voice, Chapter 2 Fishing Island and Recruiters for Virgin Girls Blog7961008/16/201512/6/2019
Beggars or Dignified Sea Entertainers at Cebu PortsBlog79131512/9/201312/9/2019
Conceived Book on Spirituality, Need for Help in Giving It Birth Blog7885007/23/201012/7/2019
Between France and Denmark in Hand Ball World Championship Blog7860002/4/201112/10/2019
”…Turning Away from Your Own Flesh and Blood…” (On the Issue on Abortion) Blog77881412/31/201312/10/2019
Revenge of the Spider Blog7758148/26/201212/5/2019
The Gift of Health Blog74720011/24/201112/7/2019
Greetings and Summer Holiday Wishes Blog7226007/8/201512/10/2019
On Attending Charismatic Services in Birmingham Blog6982002/14/201012/7/2019
Is Democracy Playing in the Trial for Anders Behring Breivik in Norway? Blog6842004/18/201212/9/2019
The Hissing Snake under my Bed and the Snake EnchanterBlog6844249/7/201212/7/2019
News from the Hospital Blog6692006/19/201212/7/2019
Watching the Grand Opening of the Great Olympics in LondonBlog6417007/28/201212/10/2019
Philippine and US Solidarity Revisited after HaiyanBlog64072711/15/201312/9/2019
April 9 in Danish History Blog6300004/10/201012/7/2019
Haderslev Diocese in Denmark Has Got a New BishopBlog6242004/23/201312/9/2019
Vacuum and Hope in Human ExistenceBlog6210005/8/201012/10/2019
INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION, 1 Blog6180007/6/201012/10/2019
The New Pope, Pope Francis! Blog6185153/13/201312/7/2019
Participation in Politics, A Note to VN Blog61151511/4/201312/9/2019
My Sister Drowned and the Consequence (chapter 2, section 8) Short Story6082001/3/201212/7/2019
Tyhoons as Childhood MemoriesShort Story6020001/3/201412/10/2019
4. The Waiting After the Storm (Mother's Voice)Blog5912001/22/201612/6/2019
Dealing with Pain Over the Loss of a BelovedBlog58911003/11/201212/7/2019
Greetings from the PhilippinesBlog5824157/27/201312/7/2019
Happy New Year to VN friends Blog56210012/31/201012/7/2019
Vashti, a Young Cancer Patient in a Strange City Short Story54941510/17/201312/7/2019
Announcement of another Death Blog5487009/10/201212/7/2019
Down Deep into the Sea (7th section) Short Story5470009/26/201312/7/2019
VN family: wishing to hear update on Roy Kneale Blog54112117/27/201412/9/2019
Mother Tongue, so Amazing RediscoveryBlog5382008/14/201412/7/2019
Another Victim of CancerBlog5232002/11/201212/10/2019
Gang Rape in IndiaBlog50812001/15/201412/7/2019
God's Angels through the Eyes of Faith Blog5051003/21/201612/10/2019
DENMARK IS MOURNING!Blog5057004/21/201212/7/2019
Inviting VN Friends to a page for William Willis and Di Blog49617009/30/201212/7/2019
Countdown to Christmas and the Philippine Calamity Blog48720012/21/201112/7/2019
Christmas Greetings to VN Friends and VN ReadersBlog481110012/23/201212/10/2019
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