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I started making up stories when I was about 10 years old. I made them up for my younger sister who would pester me at night and not let me get to sleep. If I made up a funny story she loved it and would eventually let me get to sleep.
As an adult I carried this on with my own children and would make up stories for them at night. My children are mostly grown and too old for stories. It has become such a habit to make up mostly funny little stories and poems that I have continued to make them up. Since I haven't the faintest idea what else to do with the stories and poems, and I wanted to continue sharing I have posted the newer ones here.

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Crazy PollyShort Story37233277/15/20094/2/2020
Swamp MemoriesShort Story110211212/23/20093/30/2020
Mina's StoryShort Story92322612/1/20093/30/2020
Courtin' Swamp StyleShort Story6330008/13/20144/2/2020
Gator boy part 1Short Story6180008/19/20143/27/2020
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