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Some of these poems have appeared in poetry journals such as Beyond The Rainbow, FreeExpression and AustralianReader.com, I thank those editors for their support.In particular thanks to Beyond the rainbow who have published many of my poems in their issues, including 'lullaby for Tom Waits' and 'Into the quiet'. .I thank you for taking the time to read them. Also many thanks to all who take the time to respond, your encouragement and praise is very much appreciated as well as inspiring.

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An open letter to the Australian public.Blog9784007/31/20178/7/2020
the 65th Musketeers Inspirational challenge (a narrator for the spaces in-between)Event Announcement7462004/7/20168/7/2020
The 66th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge TitleEvent Announcement6843005/7/20167/29/2020
Mr Quirks 'Gabba traffic area' taxBlog52800011/27/20178/3/2020
the Caxton legal centre 15th novemberBlog45010011/15/20178/4/2020
Response to Senators office..Blog4330007/31/20178/4/2020
Email from Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore's officeBlog3990007/31/20178/7/2020
From the Mayor of Brisbane's office November 1Blog32920011/1/20178/4/2020
A letter to the mayor of Brisbane October 24Blog32800011/1/20178/4/2020
My response to the Mayors office November 10Blog31500011/10/20178/3/2020
a brief letter..Blog3130001/19/20208/6/2020
from the Brisbane Mayors office November 10Blog29800011/9/20178/3/2020
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