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Writing is my passion, my calling and obsession. In my work I aim for artistic truth and authenticity, reflecting the many facettes of the world. This doesn’t mean, that everything I have written in my poems has happened exactly the way it is portrayed there (although sometimes this is the case) but it does mean, that the feelings and moods, which come across are completely authentic. What inspires me to write? A quest for knowledge and self reflection. My dreams (with open and closed eyes) The places I have seen and the people I have met. Books, paintings, photography, music, movies and TV. All these things have touched my heart and lifted my spirit. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I couldn’t share my art the way I do. Without each other we are nothing.

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Happy Groundhog Day 2014!Blog4242002/2/20149/21/2017
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Good luck to everybody affected by the hurricane!Blog39410010/30/20129/22/2017
#71Inspirational Challenge-Thanks and Acknowledgements!!!Event Announcement304160011/6/20169/20/2017
#74 Musketeer ChallengeShort Story28511001/16/20179/22/2017
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