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For me, Literature is the love of words. The Greek language is the highest human creation.
I teach the Greek language and I write texts for my students.
I also organize a reading club.
My blog : http://kitrinosryposblogspotcom.blogspot.gr/

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The look of the rainShort Story801917153/29/20111/23/2018
An ocean of feelingsShort Story13532147/6/20111/22/2018
The public eyeShort Story12552155/7/20111/22/2018
The female silenceShort Story11302159/24/20111/22/2018
The girl who loved the seaShort Story11071268/26/20111/22/2018
From New York to Los AngelesShort Story88441512/8/20111/15/2018
The principle of writingShort Story7581155/9/20121/22/2018
The dusty mirrorShort Story7272156/4/20121/22/2018
The naked look of writingShort Story5411149/13/20121/22/2018
The ugly manShort Story52311310/10/20121/22/2018
The return of loveShort Story4030152/11/20141/22/2018
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