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Kashif Ali Abbas, born in Lahore Pakistan, is an accomplished and top ranked poet, author, script writer and reviewer at many recognized websites and publishing sites. He holds two Master degrees in Physics and English Literature with topnotch critical appreciation from well acknowledged and known poets and authors of his works.
In English poetry, he has won all time best and recognized status as well as winning poetry contests. He is a top ranked poet.
In article writing, at ezinearticles and associated content and many other website, his work continues to receive appreciation and applauds.

On Google and Yahoo search engine searching with his name, "Kashif Ali Abbas" reveals his articles and relevant link on first pages.
Kashif has a great interest in occult topics and favors creativity and out of the blue writing style.
He is a published author now with release of his poetry book,"The bumble book" in june 2010.
His personal website is,

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