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Hi there,

I am 52 years old and was born just outside Glasgow.I left school at 16 and was employed as gas and welding equipment repairer for 5 years and then left to work in a local foundry.The hours were long and the conditions were dirty,hot and noisy. The work was hard. I worked in a dept. called The Casting Bay(where tons of molten metal was poured daily into sand moulds.) I left just before the work closed it doors forever in 2003. I am now employed in a the public sector.I have a 23 year old daughter who, to my amazement actually wrote a poem at school and this poem was published in a book of children's poems.She was only 11 at the time.I have a lot to live up to.

I also have a much younger daughter of 2 years old Julia, who has given me such an amazing lease and zest for life again

My favourite poet is ROY DOUGLAS KNEALE who writes on this site.


I Hope you enjoy my stuff and Roy's, feel free to comment.

My personal e mail.

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