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Hi- I'm Danny
I wanted to start a Church and be the Governor. However, My Loving Wife, Mother, and Prayer helped me think to be a writer. For That: I Love and Honer the Three of Them. These Three ( My Wife, My Mom, and Prayer) are Wise and Beautiful. Happy Mothers Day. - Danny Coon

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POEM TITLESShort Story16097005/31/201111/17/2017
We Church -AWAKEShort Story11530004/18/201111/17/2017
ME2Short Story7350003/30/201111/17/2017
It's me that needs youRant7054002/12/201411/17/2017
Top 10 Hindu Deities - By Subhamoy DasBlog5900153/21/201411/17/2017
Eight Poems with same Message - LifeShort Story5781002/24/201411/17/2017
The original document - We ChurchShort Story3930002/26/201411/17/2017
A Perfect 10Short Story3842153/13/201411/17/2017
1/2+1/2 is ONE Self - 4 poemsShort Story3780113/16/201411/17/2017
Tears of a White blood cell - with NoteShort Story3510002/21/201411/19/2017
Man RepostedShort Story3490002/14/201411/17/2017
Five Poems on DeathShort Story3360002/24/201411/17/2017
Poetic JusticeShort Story3231003/3/201411/18/2017
In the Land of ShadowShort Story3122003/12/201411/17/2017
Challenge "Titles"Short Story3083003/5/201411/17/2017
Memories and DreamsShort Story2940002/13/201411/17/2017
America RepostedShort Story2840002/20/201411/17/2017
PLAN. AShort Story1894002/19/201711/17/2017
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