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I have written sonnets for a number of years. From time to time, I may share a sonnet with this community of readers and/or writers.

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The November 27, 2012 Continuation of the November 24 posting of "The Sonnet: A Brief Examination Event Announcement147910011/27/20124/14/2018
The Sonnet: A Brief ExaminationBlog1212321011/24/20124/14/2018
Implications of Interpretion: A look at "Then" a poem by John StarksBlog112430010/30/20124/11/2018
Sir ROY'S Riddle #9: Explination and Winner!Event Announcement9652007/1/20134/11/2018
William's win!Blog9228007/1/20134/18/2018
On Poetic InterpretationBlog64000011/23/20154/21/2018
The 70th Musketeers' Inspirational Challenge Title Event Announcement5285009/6/20164/20/2018
THANK YOU!!!!!!! & Acknowledgments to VN Participants in the #70th Inspirational ChallengeBlog41690010/6/20164/18/2018
On Free Speech!Blog37100011/27/20164/18/2018
Why Bother To Argue?Blog36900010/27/20164/11/2018
Corrections to the poem: "Byond The Verbal: Dance!Blog3681002/9/20174/22/2018
Modification of a poem.Blog3180003/26/20174/11/2018
Poetic Tweak!Blog31000012/31/20164/22/2018
Critical Technical AdjustmentsBlog2700001/26/20184/16/2018
Tomorrow, I Intend to Return Blog2295003/11/20184/20/2018
Correcting The Sonnet: "Achilles (Despite His Flaw)Blog1900001/7/20184/21/2018
The 86th Musketeers' Inspirational Challenge TitleEvent Announcement1486003/7/20184/20/2018
Adjusting the second tercet of the poem: "The New Year!" ( Moving through Time!)Blog1204001/2/20184/21/2018
Why I Write Poetry (What Makes Me Tick) Blog1140001/25/20184/19/2018
Corrections to my poem: "Let's Honor SIR ROY KNEALE!Blog910001/1/20184/17/2018
Notes on Closing Out The 86th Challenge Poem: "The Rhythm of Life"Blog705004/10/20184/21/2018
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