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A simple girl who likes to read novels & books, people can call me a nerd but that's my escape route. Writing poems is a hobby where the emotions that I feel can easily be penned.

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That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet. Blog61620011/12/20175/29/2020
Watching the waves touching the shore I wished....Blog5732009/16/20165/27/2020
In life so much is taken for grantedBlog5691004/14/20165/30/2020
I believe love can happen twiceBlog5601003/20/20165/27/2020
83rd Musketeers Inspirational Tittle ChallengeEvent Announcement54850012/8/20175/26/2020
People's opinion affects us..Blog5021004/25/20165/27/2020
I forgive YouBlog49720011/27/20165/27/2020
Just be my dream; Can you?Blog4892008/1/20165/27/2020
The Heart KnowsBlog4832009/9/20165/27/2020
The mirror, though cracked will still work fine.Blog46520010/14/20165/27/2020
83rd Musketeers' Inspirational Title Challenge – Baton Holder's FarewellEvent Announcement4585001/6/20185/29/2020
Thoughts on marriages..Blog44710011/20/20165/27/2020
I am like the plain sheet of paper you painted your wayBlog41600011/19/20165/27/2020
103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers ChallengeEvent Announcement32030010/7/20195/31/2020
103rd Roy Kneale Musketeers' Title Challenge – Baton Holder's FarewellEvent Announcement29740011/6/20195/24/2020
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