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Hello everyone. I love writing poetry. Have been writing fairly regularly ever since I came across VN in July 2011. Hope you enjoy some of my work. Love to all.

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Happy Birthday Nancy Event Announcement156870011/19/20132/21/2020
Happy Birthday Susan! Event Announcement147930002/29/20122/21/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWIN KEITH JEPSON! Event Announcement147313153/6/20142/21/2020
Happy Birthday Dear Owais Ahmad! Event Announcement1290101510/23/20142/21/2020
All good wishes to Rita Joyce Singh on her Birthday Event Announcement1266122108/26/20132/20/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACINTAEvent Announcement117915005/23/20122/21/2020
' Morsels Of Musings ' by Nishu Mathur...My First Book Of Poetry Event Announcement1156303147/6/20142/20/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA JOYCE SINGH!Event Announcement114915008/26/20122/21/2020
THE 23rd INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE TITLEEvent Announcement114112009/6/20122/21/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIAEvent Announcement1091160011/8/20132/21/2020
THE MUSKETEERS 23rd TITLE CHALLENGE..BATON CHANGEEvent Announcement106223008/23/20122/21/2020
Happy Birthday Dear Rita Joyce Singh Event Announcement106010158/26/20142/20/2020
Happy Birthday Richard Aramis GildeaEvent Announcement1015100012/31/20122/21/2020
Happy Birthday Susan O Reilly Event Announcement100711002/28/20132/20/2020
Happy Birthday Christine Shaw Event Announcement90411002/23/20132/20/2020
Sending Good Wishes For Edwin Jepson Blog90111154/16/20132/20/2020
Happy Birthday Priyanka Dhull ! Event Announcement89682101/19/20142/18/2020
Lots Of Good Wishes For Richard Gildea AramisEvent Announcement889941812/31/20132/21/2020
Happy Birthday Dear Jacinta Ramayah Event Announcement887103145/23/20142/21/2020
THE 23rd INSPIRATIONAL TITLE CHALLENGE and THE BATON CHANGEEvent Announcement8750009/30/20122/21/2020
Happy Birthday Drsudarsan Event Announcement86811281/22/20142/21/2020
Happy Birthday Chris Shaw Event Announcement8387002/23/20142/21/2020
Happy Birthday Dear ThelmaEvent Announcement837112812/20/20132/21/2020
Happy Birthday ThelmaEvent Announcement81450012/20/20122/21/2020
TONY GRANNELL??Blog79050010/27/20152/22/2020
About Bob Macchia ..RIP Blog7467002/15/20152/21/2020
A BEAUTIFUL MELODY Music Review7161005/4/20152/21/2020
The 66th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge Title Event Announcement6705005/7/20162/21/2020
Rest in peace Jeff, JJ xx Blog3155004/7/20182/21/2020
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