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I admire what I think is good poetry. so if, from time to time, I spot a decent poem, I will endeavour to offer review comments.
I will commence my 91st year of life during January 2017.

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"FROM ROOTS TO BRANCHES."Blog227918007/4/20127/11/2020
ROY’s RIDDLE #12 - FUN CONTEST RULES. Event Announcement96451310/16/20137/4/2020
The Musketeer's ROY's RIDDLE #14.Event Announcement95244005/28/20157/10/2020
"ROY's RIDDLE POEM #13.Event Announcement95030011/22/20137/9/2020
The Musketeer's 45th Poem Title Challenge.Event Announcement90813158/10/20147/4/2020
"IMPROVING OUR WRITING SKILLS."Blog892133125/2/20137/9/2020
A comment for Paul Butters of the UK.Blog8881133/14/20147/9/2020
The Musketeer's Riddle Poem #19.Event Announcement886120010/25/20157/9/2020
A WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTEvent Announcement8619009/30/20127/9/2020
Jean Laws to carry 40th Baton.Event Announcement8123002/1/20147/9/2020
TO ROY's VN Friends.Blog8076001/27/20147/11/2020
BEST WISHES TO GAIL KAY.Blog7355003/17/20147/9/2020
THE MUSKETEER RIDDLE POEM #16.Event Announcement7251007/26/20157/11/2020
To Keith Lumbard.Blog7234252/18/20147/10/2020
THE MUSKETEER'S RIDDLE POEM #17.Event Announcement7081118/26/20157/8/2020
The Musketeer's 17th Riddle Poem (just for fun) contest.Event Announcement69610008/22/20157/9/2020
Apologies due on behalf of ROY.Blog6562005/5/20157/4/2020
ROY'S RIDDLE POEM CONTEST #18.Event Announcement6531009/27/20157/9/2020
A FEW WORDS FROM ROYBlog6094001/14/20167/9/2020
THANKS TO MANY.Blog57430012/14/20157/9/2020
MUCH PRAISE IS DUE.Product Review5122002/9/20167/9/2020
"FROM ROOTS TO BRANCHES."Blog5014004/20/20187/10/2020
"TO ALL MY FRIENDS."Blog43390010/19/20177/7/2020
Musketeer's 90th Challenge - Announcement by ROY.Event Announcement3965007/7/20187/7/2020
Many thanks to JJ.Blog3763004/7/20187/7/2020
MY BATON RUN.Event Announcement3729008/6/20187/6/2020
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