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Kevin Rottweiler is a dog & cat poet, including nature and Christian inspirational poetry. Kevin has published 4 print books & many online e-books. The author enjoys chapbooks, that can stress a specific style or genre of poetry. The author has worked with animals and has a doctor of divinity degree.

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Pork & Bean BulldogShort Story9440006/13/20141/13/2020
Answer to prayer (thanks)Event Announcement7128002/28/20161/12/2020
TO ALL ANIMAL LOVERSRant6850001/6/20161/7/2020
Prayer RequestEvent Announcement6526002/20/20161/7/2020
internet be careful Rant6282005/6/20161/7/2020
prayers needed mother son relationshipEvent Announcement6116004/6/20161/17/2020
monarch butterflies in spaceRant5762006/22/20161/7/2020
6o seconds 2 crimeRant5711006/17/20161/7/2020
alison free elearningEvent Announcement5713006/30/20161/7/2020
please help bucky the dolphinEvent Announcement5621007/26/20161/7/2020
freedom of hope and all faithsEvent Announcement5590005/19/20161/7/2020
online prayer 4 uEvent Announcement5562005/18/20161/11/2020
dogs adoptedRant5530005/18/20161/13/2020
you can if you think you canBook Review5522006/2/20161/7/2020
cypress bible institute of texasEvent Announcement5452008/24/20161/7/2020
free bible bachelor master and doctorate degreesEvent Announcement5431007/28/20161/7/2020
childhood memoriesEvent Announcement5380006/30/20161/7/2020
childhood memoriesEvent Announcement5311006/30/20161/10/2020
holy spirit experienceRant5161008/19/20161/7/2020
elephant from zoo 2 sanctuaryShort Story5141007/6/20161/7/2020
think and grow richBook Review4810008/16/20161/7/2020
skillet cookingRant4750008/19/20161/7/2020
jelly bean cakeShort Story4740007/13/20161/7/2020
the dimestore goldfishBook Review4730007/23/20161/7/2020
KEVIN ROTTWEILER'S MOM = IN CARDIAC CARE ICUEvent Announcement47113003/1/20181/16/2020
October 1st Moving to New Place (thanks for prayers)Event Announcement4606009/18/20171/7/2020
A Red Barn in the Midwest Chapbook: 30 Country PoemsBook Review45210010/28/20161/7/2020
PLEASE PRAY FOR MOM (86 YEARS OLD) Kevin Rottweiler / author & poetEvent Announcement44150012/6/20171/7/2020
Robbie the RobotBook Review4310005/26/20171/16/2020
MOM GOT HERE / IN NURSING HOME / THANKS FOR PRAYERS Event Announcement42060012/20/20171/7/2020
THANKS FOR PRAYERS / HAPPY THANKSGIVINGEvent Announcement41630011/22/20171/7/2020
Jumbo Goes to RehabBook Review4140005/12/20171/7/2020
NEED CONTINUED PRAYERS THANKSEvent Announcement4074008/23/20171/13/2020
Apple Country Dirt Road: PoemsEvent Announcement3680009/7/20171/7/2020
THE Cat CoveShort Story3331009/13/20171/13/2020
Back in the SaddleEvent Announcement16710011/27/20191/17/2020
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