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While sitting at my computer one day, listening to soothing music, and looking at photographs of beautiful landscapes, a flood of thoughts seemed to come from nowhere. I decided that, even though I had never composed any type of poetry or prose, I would put those thoughts on paper. At this late stage in my life it has become one of my favorite things to do. The following are some of my recent attempts. I hope you enjoy them.
P.S. A short stay with VN and I have been receiving so many kind remarks from all over the world. For those of you who are awake while I sleep, thank you for reading my work. For those of you who are sleeping while I am awake...sweet dreams!

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Triple Riddle#1Riddle8317007/7/20151/19/2019
Double Take? Riddle8237007/5/20151/19/2019
How to SurviveBlog7991146/11/20151/17/2019
56th Inspirational ChallengeEvent Announcement7728007/6/20151/18/2019
From Darkness to LightShort Story7722006/8/20151/13/2019
Do Journalist Go to Drama School?Blog7232007/7/20151/16/2019
To Facebook or Not That is the QuestionBlog6623006/22/20151/18/2019
She,s BackBlog6573007/31/20151/18/2019
A New WorldBlog6330007/22/20151/13/2019
The Little Cat Who Changed My HeartShort Story63100012/6/20151/14/2019
Tears of Joy (The Bracelet)Short Story62240012/1/20151/19/2019
Another Page in the Journal of LifeBlog54651412/24/20151/18/2019
My Tree (by my sister Alice Dohm)Blog5422003/19/20161/14/2019
A bump in the NightBlog5388002/3/20161/18/2019
75th Baton Challenge AcceptanceEvent Announcement5305002/7/20171/18/2019
Where is Home?Blog5013006/12/20161/13/2019
Too Many Irons in the Fire!Blog41940010/26/20161/13/2019
A Life Full of StitchesBlog3384004/7/20171/13/2019
91st Musketeers Challenge AcceptedEvent Announcement2526008/8/20181/19/2019
Another bump in the road, and then a SHOCK!Blog2295004/9/20181/19/2019
Think of me as a wallflowerBlog20320012/30/20171/16/2019
Goodby for a while...Blog2016007/8/20181/19/2019
Thanks to one and all!Blog1722009/7/20181/19/2019
Happy Birthday Westly!Blog1502009/27/20181/19/2019
Dear Zaynub and FriendsBlog15070011/8/20181/19/2019
I Love You All...Blog117110012/12/20181/19/2019
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