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Words are most beautiful
when used properly....
through our poetic quill, speech, dialogues
or through....Thoughts Traveling....
The most beautiful sound?
the sound of silence.....speaking about Words....
a Engl. Language-and-Lit.
lecturer, evangelist, poetess, author, critic,
paintress, designer of poem cards,
she loves to play chess and to drive fast.
She┬┤s been racing at Dallas (USA) and Zandvoort (NL) circuit. Amongst these amateurs, she had won in Dallas the first prize.

"Emeralds Green" softcover ISBN 978-1-4931-9352-3, a PoetryBook. Also available as an EBook ISBN 978-1-4931-9351-6. Printed and published in the United Kingdom. (2015)

"International Who's Who in Poetry"(II). Hardcover.ISBN 978-1-61936-066-2. Printed and manufactured in the USA, L.A, California. (2012) by Who's Who in Poetry as a Compilation.
All rights reserved. Thank you so much for reading.
Sylvia Frances Chan

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