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I was very new to the internet when I discovered the Voices Forums page and saved it to my favourites but It was some time later that I found this wonderful original home page and the world of poetry expanded for me. I have watched it grow as JJ tweaked here and there and constantly worked to improve it. He worked hard to produce this page as we know it. Kudos JJ!
Voicesnet is my faith-filled community. It is inspiring and uplifting. I have made wonderful friends over the years and am grateful for all the encouragement received. Thank you to all my voices friends for being here. Watching poets grow and develop their skills has been amazing.
Thank you to dear Jeff - and thank you Jackie for continuing his dream.

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Who is responsible for BLACK SATURDAY?Blog19574514152/17/20098/1/2020
I OWE IT ALL TO MOTHER ??Blog25117155/19/20088/5/2020
THE MIRACLE OF SEVERE TC YASIBlog230215002/2/20118/6/2020
OUR LUKE IN TOP FIVE OF AUSTRALIAN IDOLBlog197441410/30/20088/10/2020
NOT IN THE NEWSRant19506002/2/20088/4/2020
THE TIDES OF LIFEBlog1908731211/27/20098/3/2020
SORRY DAYBlog18294142/13/20088/7/2020
NATURE'S WARNINGSBlog17882002/10/20088/7/2020
Cyclone Ului - A night of terror!Blog178313113/24/20108/5/2020
TC YASI and CYCLONE PREPARATIONSBlog17086001/31/20118/6/2020
INCREDIBLE RAINBlog16712003/6/20088/5/2020
TC YASI - ON ITS WAY...a monster storm!Blog166211111/31/20118/11/2020
CAIRNS - BIG FLOODBlog16262003/5/20088/6/2020
AND THEN THE SUN CAME OUT!Blog16250002/19/20088/7/2020
THEY'RE BAAACK!Blog15452002/24/20088/7/2020
A FLOOD, OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!Blog14972002/15/20088/7/2020
OUR TURN FOR A FLOODBlog14642002/15/20088/7/2020
FLOODING IN SRI LANKA TOO.Blog14375142/6/20118/6/2020
UNBELIEVABLE RAIN!Blog14180002/18/20088/7/2020
IS IT A HOBBY OR A LIFESTYLE?Blog13844007/30/20088/5/2020
AMAZING ANIMALSBlog13732002/11/20088/7/2020
Ghost, Patrick Swayze and The AuntsBlog13677279/17/20098/1/2020
CONGRATULATIONS LUKE!Blog134650012/1/20088/4/2020
THE GLOBAL WARNING MYTH!Rant13425006/28/20118/4/2020
Death of a wallaby - a friendBlog13287135/26/20098/4/2020
Cord blood storage? Ha!Rant12977137/7/20098/5/2020
FLASh FLOODS IN QUEENSLANDBlog125518131/10/20118/7/2020
MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE - a rare event for us!Blog12289004/16/20118/5/2020
The cord blood issueBlog11454009/18/20098/5/2020
THE WEATHER AGAIN.Blog11324004/13/20118/12/2020
WAITING FOR CYCLONE ULUIBlog112310133/19/20108/3/2020
2010 IN REVIEWBlog112200012/18/20108/8/2020
ONE MORE SLEEP!Blog107191510/10/20118/5/2020
LIFE GETS BACK TO NORMAL.Blog10714003/28/20107/30/2020
I FORGOT!Blog105961511/16/20108/5/2020
HOUSE REPAIRS AT LASTBlog10124009/13/20108/5/2020
THE MOUSE DIEDRant9786266/24/20148/3/2020
p.s. BUILDER'S INSPECTIONBlog9602004/23/20108/10/2020
NEVER GIVE UP THE DREAMBlog83415142/1/20128/5/2020
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