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Hema Ravi, has had a stint in the Central Government, then as a school teacher. Currently, she freelances as IELTS and Communicative English Language Trainer.

She is the author of EVERYDAY ENGLISH (Self-tutor for students, published by Vanathi Publications), co-author for SING ALONG INDIAN RHYMES (rhymesCD/colouring booklet- self-published), featuring Indian rhymes for children in English and co-author of EVERYDAY HINDI (published by Sura Books)

Her write ups have won prizes in the Femina, Khaleej Times (Dubai) and International Indian, writersglobe.com. Her opinions have been published in The Hindu's Voice Your Views/Open Page. Prize Winner in Metverse Muse “Best Fixed Form Poets of the year 2018”. Her poems (English and Tamil) have been included thrice in the Amaravati Poetic Prism (a multilingual anthology of poems), Metverse Muse, Poetry World, Contemporary Literary Review Print Edition, Women, Wit & Wisdom (multilingual anthology of women), The Poetic Bliss, Roots and Wi

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CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONSBlog571791112/20/20081/18/2020
EXCEPTIONAL CHILDRENBlog31877122/6/20091/7/2020
TEACHERS' DAYEvent Announcement30953149/7/20081/7/2020
GRADUATION DAYEvent Announcement2837173114/6/20091/9/2020
WATER-THE ELIXIR OF LIFEBlog2429111112/30/20081/12/2020
SIGNIFICANCE OF NEEMBlog21707234/13/20091/17/2020
ENVIRONMENT PROTECTORBlog21685002/5/20091/18/2020
HUMOUR FROM INDIAN STATESJoke212331311/12/20081/7/2020
A SALUTE TO WOMENBlog20349283/5/20091/18/2020
RIGHT OF ENTRYRant19143001/20/20091/14/2020
COLD, COLDER...HOT, HOTTER!Rant19035132/3/20091/11/2020
GENDER BIASBlog18803004/17/20091/7/2020
AIR AROUND USBlog18740112/6/20091/7/2020
A LESSON FROM A CHILDRant18734149/21/20081/11/2020
COUCH POTATOESRant185611141/19/20091/12/2020
DESPAIR TO JOYBlog181210001/16/20091/10/2020
TEACHERS' DAYEvent Announcement18110119/7/20081/18/2020
UNUSUAL MEETINGBlog17725134/29/20091/10/2020
BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN SPIRIT!Blog171460011/28/20091/14/2020
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTESTRant163913001/10/20091/7/2020
SMALL GESTURESBlog16295112/8/20091/16/2020
HORROR AGAINRant161140011/27/20081/12/2020
A POOR MAN'S DOCTORBlog151611008/17/20091/19/2020
MARCHING ON TO A NEW MORROWEvent Announcement15063133/16/20091/9/2020
ONLINE FRIENDSHIPBlog149813001/21/20091/14/2020
"Soaring Profile"Blog14793298/30/20081/7/2020
FESTIVAL-A TIME FOR CELEBRATIONBlog1466103111/14/20091/14/2020
SLICE OF FREEDOMBlog14634005/12/20091/9/2020
ALWAYS A WINNERBlog145500012/4/20081/7/2020
WORDS OF WISDOMBlog143400010/22/20081/7/2020
EXTERIOR DECEPTIVEBlog14093009/19/20111/19/2020
LESSON FROM A PENCILBlog14049254/6/20101/17/2020
GOOD SAMARITANBlog137930010/16/20081/10/2020
SPOKEN WORDBlog13556132/12/20091/7/2020
MAN'S EFFORT-GOD'S GRACEBlog13304001/17/20091/7/2020
WORDS OF WISDOM (II)Blog133040012/28/20081/19/2020
RAGGING-AT WHAT COST?Blog12788133/19/20091/7/2020
CATASTROPHE Blog124314142/15/20091/11/2020
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