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Folksinger, composer, poet and writer. See more of me on Facebook at or visit my personal webpage at

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THE NIGHT BATMAN CAME FOR BREAKFASTShort Story9640006/21/201510/10/2019
A deeper gold, hidden somewhere inside...Short Story8350124/1/201510/10/2019
THE SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATIONShort Story8116005/5/201610/11/2019
A SKETCH OF THE ART OF THE BESPECTACLED LIFEShort Story72421510/9/201510/10/2019
EIGHT MINUTESShort Story71411007/5/201610/10/2019
The 67th Musketeer Inspiration Challenge: "…in your room of gentle love, on that delicate round tablEvent Announcement68418006/6/201610/10/2019
MY FRIENDShort Story67800010/3/201510/10/2019
79th Musketeers' Inspirational Title Challenge: Introduction and Acknowledgement Event Announcement59112007/9/201710/14/2019
Thank you dear friends for the 67th Challenge contributionsEvent Announcement5288007/5/201610/10/2019
98th Musketeers' Inspirational Title Challenge: Introduction and AcknowledgementEvent Announcement3856003/7/201910/9/2019
JACK’S BURGERSShort Story2086002/26/201910/12/2019
NOLEENShort Story2045002/25/201910/12/2019
Passing of the baton: 99th Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge titleEvent Announcement1966004/7/201910/15/2019
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