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Please feel free to rate my poems. I'm a 67 y.o. woman, and was born in the wheatfields of the Wimmera, and married a dairy famer cum engineer from Gippsland (who died in 2006). We raised a son and a daughter (now adults) near Sherbrooke Forest, lived for a decade in Bayside, and have returned to the hills of the Dandenong Ranges. I've worked in teaching, management, writing and publishing. I love nature, science, music, literature and contributing to community and political life. Most of all, I enjoy a widening and deepening circle of friendships.

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ENGAGEMENT SPEECHBlog79160003/1/20085/30/2020
WEDDING SPEECHBlog468919126/22/20095/30/2020
SOME IDEAS FROM THE DALAI LAMA'S PUBLIC LECTURE 14.06.08Event Announcement26342006/14/20085/30/2020
'The Boat'Book Review23332006/18/20085/30/2020
SOO LIN AND THE SNOW EAGLEShort Story22300007/30/20085/30/2020
SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTSBlog21503004/27/20085/30/2020
MARE'S TAILShort Story19642152/1/20085/30/2020
SAD AND SORRY STATE Rant17644004/28/20085/30/2020
FOUND WAY BACKBlog16758009/18/20085/30/2020
SCHEREZADE'S LAST STANDShort Story14830002/1/20085/30/2020
CHASING THE RAINBOWBook Review14232006/21/20085/30/2020
THANKS TO READERSBlog108813114/30/20105/30/2020
VCAT McDONALD"S TECOMA DECISIONBlog95040011/3/20125/30/2020
RUDD HAD HIS CHANCEBlog9144007/21/20125/30/2020
THANKS A MILLION (TWICE)!!!!!Blog88812002/19/20125/30/2020
KARMA? PAYBACK? ENTITLEMENT?Rant8673007/31/20155/30/2020
MARCH WRITING WORKSHOPSEvent Announcement8330003/1/20125/30/2020
The 'Tecoma 8'Blog8184008/10/20135/30/2020
ELECTION ISSUESBlog7360001/30/20135/30/2020
TRUST? ABBOTT? TRUSS?Blog7311008/29/20135/30/2020
ASYLUM SEEKERS POLICYBlog7302007/24/20135/30/2020
HARASSMENT CASEBlog72500012/15/20125/30/2020
GILLARD'S $1b JOB INITIATIVEBlog6872002/19/20135/30/2020
CLIMATE CHANGE - LET'S FACE FACTS!!!Blog6650001/28/20135/30/2020
IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!Blog6373008/24/20135/30/2020
ASYLUM SEEKERSBlog6233002/21/20145/30/2020
FLOTILLA OF CLUNKERSBlog6082008/23/20135/30/2020
PETER CRAVEN'S REPORT ON PETER SLIPPER Blog59600012/19/20125/30/2020
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