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Long retired from my landscape gardening business - over 30 years -, I have been composing mainly rhymed poetry as a hobby. This after a sabbatical of some forty years! A pleasure much enjoyed, when winter prevents me from working in my two acre garden, which is my primary love! Have my own web site - needs updating - which you are welcome to visit. It will tell you far more of me and the book of poetry I had published - Poetic Musings of an Older Mind - than I can post here. If interested? Check out
Hope to see you around. Denis aka Rhymer.

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Critiquing and/or Constructive Commentary.Rant16158002/8/20126/17/2019
My Approach to Poetry Rant13103001/8/20126/16/2019
The “Subliminal” Object behind “Some” Poetry.Rant12656112/3/20126/18/2019
Narrative Story Telling, or Poetry?Rant12604002/6/20126/19/2019
I come prepared to defend humour! Not to bury it!Rant10235002/29/20126/16/2019
26th Musketeer Inspirational ChallengeEvent Announcement1008150011/27/20126/18/2019
VN 52nd Musketeer Challenge for March, 2015.Event Announcement9842003/6/20156/19/2019
Congratulations to two most deserving friends!!Blog9574269/23/20146/16/2019
The Three Musketeer 26th Challenge - Handing over the Baton.Event Announcement92640012/31/20126/16/2019
Who, what, why and when are you motivated?Blog8237149/28/20146/16/2019
Charles A Sides Memorial. An Apology.Blog8205261/9/20146/18/2019
30th Challenge by Lynne Colgrave.Blog7961004/14/20136/16/2019
Essay - The Art of Rhyming Poetry - As I See It.Blog7710148/22/20156/18/2019
Musketeer 43rd Challenge - DDayBlog7583008/20/20146/18/2019
We Live in Time of Deep Regrets.Blog75752109/25/20146/16/2019
A Few Thoughts As Christmas Nears.Blog74330012/14/20156/16/2019
Life as a Year - Musings on the Approaching Days. Blog73800010/16/20146/18/2019
An Observation on my World Today.Blog7294153/20/20146/16/2019
Ramblings on A Wet DayBlog7171003/31/20146/16/2019
12 Observations and Lessons I’ve Learned, or, A few things Life has taught me.Blog65000010/31/20146/18/2019
Early Family Christmas Recalled.Blog61650012/9/20166/18/2019
74th Musketeer Challenge - January 2017.Event Announcement6158001/6/20176/18/2019
Ambiguity in Poetry. Essential or Mannerism?Blog5864001/14/20166/16/2019
April Morning Observation.Blog5644004/3/20166/18/2019
To Write or Not?Blog5251009/10/20166/16/2019
May 1st,2016- Mother’s Day Blog.Blog4922005/1/20166/16/2019
Relinquishing the Baton Blog4857002/6/20176/18/2019
Reflective Moments.Blog4701001/26/20176/16/2019
Xmas Eve letter to VN Members..Blog44210012/24/20166/16/2019
12 Observations and Lessons I’ve Learned.Blog3902004/24/20186/17/2019
Musketeer Challenge #89. June 2018.Event Announcement3726006/6/20186/18/2019
My Observations as they Relate to Writing Poetry.Blog3141007/29/20176/16/2019
Early Spring Daydreaming.Blog2362004/4/20186/16/2019
89th Challenge - Closure. Personal Comments.Blog2334007/6/20186/18/2019
Maggie Pollock - Scottish Poetess.Blog2265009/24/20186/16/2019
My Rant Reply to Kenneth Clarke's Rant.Short Story21800010/20/20186/16/2019
Maggie's Home.Blog19720010/7/20186/18/2019
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