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I was born and live in the west, and have been writing poems since I was four. I never talked much, and my mother showed me how too express my thoughts and feelings on paper. I found as I did so, my spelling,and grammer improved, as well as my self-confidence and typing skills. I believe that each of us are one of a kind, and special and can write poetry each in their own way. Each of us are different, not more so or less so, just different.
I look forward to reading poetry by others, and your poems included!
What I write about is not always about me, it can be about many other things. With writing poems or with writing, it can be true or created. Thank you for taking the time to read my poems!
When asked what is my favorite poems I have written is? It is " Fishing " " Aunt Margret's Angel " " Thank You " " My Best Friend " " Tiger Bear " " The Spider" " The Farmer" "Snowflakes." My first poems,as there is something special about your very first poems.

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A Ministry Of HugsShort Story5757335196/30/20121/18/2018
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Birth order Science or Myth ?Blog406510296/7/20131/21/2018
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Westly's First Snowman!Short Story36418921011/16/20101/22/2018
Falling! Falling! Falling!Short Story3538434187/12/20121/19/2018
Excuse me!Blog34286268/30/20131/18/2018
Jealously Rant3396102108/30/20131/17/2018
Westly's Opinion !Short Story3266214162/26/20131/19/2018
Life's Hard ChoicesShort Story3036305227/6/20121/18/2018
Eddie and NishuBlog29289268/6/20131/18/2018
The Green eyed MonsterShort Story2904194147/26/20121/18/2018
Roaches are everywhere!Short Story28921156/15/20131/18/2018
Marriage, what is it?Short Story2844213147/19/20121/18/2018
Excuse me!Rant278432108/30/20131/21/2018
Thank You!, to all that have written!Blog2768272107/19/20121/18/2018
Picture perfect !Short Story27604156/15/20131/22/2018
Westly's, no good day !Short Story2730254185/6/20121/18/2018
A quick Hi! To Elizabeth Squire and Susan B.Blog26837156/16/20131/21/2018
" Day in Court ! "Short Story26117221011/13/20101/18/2018
" Excuse Me! " ( Liking yourself ! )Short Story25882021011/28/20101/18/2018
To all writersBlog25889158/30/20131/18/2018
Why does it take a " Wake up " Call?Blog232063156/29/20131/18/2018
You make A difference ( To all writers on VN)Blog22951873410/31/20121/18/2018
Dhal, Maggie, John, Elizabeth, Nishu, Chanadra, Rita, Linda, Blog228610299/1/20131/22/2018
Seizing the miracle MomentShort Story2260213147/22/20121/18/2018
Thelma ( Betty) Hope you are feeling better soon! Are thoughts and prays are with you always!Blog221812158/23/20131/20/2018
States file for SecessionBlog20481631111/12/20121/22/2018
Unexpected courageShort Story200062712/24/20111/18/2018
Is our lifestyle changing?Blog1918182107/23/20121/18/2018
I'm LateShort Story191184174/15/20121/18/2018
Forever An AppleShort Story18011952510/7/20121/18/2018
A world without Christmas trees!Blog17621021012/4/20121/18/2018
Three Simple words my dad always feared !Short Story1761421012/25/20111/18/2018
Fire alarmsBlog1713103154/26/20131/17/2018
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