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VoicesNet rescued me from total isolation, after losing my voice for several months. I live in the USA (Illinois) and have been writing fiction and poetry since 1997. I have been a newspaper columnist and am owner/editor of "KrisLar Publishing.

My first novel, "BLOODLINE: The Glass House," is about a horrific generational curse. "JUNK MAN" (novella) is a fun zombie story, and the vampire novel, "DAWN & THE DEAD," and novel, "THE DOLL," were posted here on, a chapter a week, until finished. "DAWN & THE DEAD was the first work, ever, posted in Collection form, here on

"DAWN & THE DEAD" is now available in softcover book form: ISBN#978-0-9841655-1-3
"THE DOLL" released in softcover August 2011. ISBN# 978-0-9841655-2-0
Both of these books may be acquired through KrisLar Publishing, through your local book store, and

Since rededicating my life to Jesus Christ, I no longer write horror fiction, even with a Christian lesson to it. In

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THE WEDDING PRESENT (A Dark Fairy Tale)Short Story3941155192/14/20093/23/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 7, Part 2 & 3Short Story285510158/7/20093/23/2017
A Mouse StoryBlog277013256/28/20103/23/2017
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEK #5Blog212751111/7/20083/13/2017
Worst Horror Flick of the Week 10092008Blog161761310/9/20083/21/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 1Short Story16038151/16/20113/16/2017
JUNK MAN - Chapters 17 & 18Short Story155912006/29/20123/22/2017
IN HIS MOTHER'S HOUSEShort Story15529003/4/20123/23/2017
Parable of the Strange Garage SaleShort Story14202135/24/20093/21/2017
The DOLL - Chapter 5 Short Story138010152/6/20113/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 11Short Story130612283/17/20113/22/2017
Water Water EverywhereBlog13014142/6/20083/21/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 3 part 1 & part 2Short Story126310151/30/20113/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 6Short Story12546152/13/20113/22/2017
Parable of the Bear CubsShort Story12442142/26/20083/20/2017
Worst Horror Flick of the Week #3Blog124250010/23/20083/22/2017
Almost Back to NormalBlog12082002/7/20083/14/2017
Two "Forever" FiresBlog118720012/13/20083/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 4 Short Story11818152/5/20113/16/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 7Short Story117610002/20/20113/22/2017
Little Old Ladies and Fog Don't MixBlog11768002/6/20083/21/2017
The Agony of Voting The PrimaryBlog11671002/10/20083/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 12Short Story11614153/25/20113/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 10Short Story11568153/12/20113/18/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 14Short Story115010291/25/20103/21/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 14Short Story11186154/9/20113/20/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 15Short Story11146154/20/20113/22/2017
FACELESS GENERATIONShort Story11081004/2/20113/23/2017
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEK #8Blog108050011/28/20083/19/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 1, Part 2 & 3Short Story10731146/5/20093/21/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 16Short Story10525154/23/20113/16/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 7Short Story10495007/25/20093/21/2017
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEK #2Blog104020010/17/20083/12/2017
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEK #4Blog103900010/31/20083/17/2017
WORST HORROR FLICK OF THE WEEK #6Blog102610011/13/20083/11/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 20, 21 & Epilogue)Short Story10214155/28/20113/21/2017
Name Revisions in THE DOLL Chapters 8-10Short Story10203003/13/20113/23/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 8Short Story10180008/26/20093/22/2017
THE DOLL - Chapter 18Short Story10176155/4/20113/22/2017
DAWN & THE DEAD - Chapter 12Short Story10135151/8/20103/21/2017
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