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Feedback Log for New Website Changes - updated 12/27 10:41 pm est USABlog124880012/25/201510/9/2019
A New Website as a Christmas Gift to WritersBlog1068120012/25/201510/9/2019
New Site User Interface to be rolled out over Next 30 days...Blog96370012/14/201510/9/2019
Happy Thanksgiving to all the VoicesNet WritersBlog100620011/26/201510/9/2019
Voice Log software Updated Blog128700010/4/201310/9/2019
Using Facebook to Get more Reads of your Poems and other WritingsBlog119712910/2/201310/9/2019
New Voice Log allows you to Track your ConversationsBlog11372009/30/201310/9/2019
VoicesNet trying to raise funds to Upgrade Systems and Save LivesBlog12395159/24/201310/9/2019
Writers Mosaic is Now UpdatedBlog11341009/20/201310/9/2019
Thelma emailed me and said she would be back...Blog11279159/17/201310/12/2019
Latest Update on Thelma/BettyBlog144613009/2/201310/13/2019
Update on Thelma (Betty)...Blog138915158/26/201310/13/2019
Content Review System and College Elite Class search Blog13612004/7/201310/9/2019
Current and Upcoming Literary Events!Blog14704143/24/201310/9/2019
Poetry News StoriesBlog143703102/25/201310/9/2019
Updated Ratings FeatureBlog139934128/31/201210/9/2019
June 2012 VoicesNet.com Monthly Poetry Contest Winner AnnouncedEvent Announcement11430007/26/201210/9/2019
Recent Collections Page now has pagingBlog124920010/16/201110/9/2019
Steve Jobs Dies - a World MournsBlog137140010/6/201110/9/2019
Facebook Interface Lists being worked onBlog12670009/29/201110/9/2019
Ads Problem being worked out with Google....Blog12801009/28/201110/9/2019
Writer Images added to Responses PageBlog137930010/1/201010/11/2019
Slight Home Page Changes ImplementedBlog12633009/7/201010/11/2019
Home Page Modifications and New Ads on SiteBlog12284009/7/201010/11/2019
August 2010 Writers Contest WinnerBlog13244009/5/201010/11/2019
July 2010 Writers Contest WinnerBlog12382008/15/201010/11/2019
Quick Website News AnnouncementsBlog11880008/11/201010/11/2019
June 2010 Writers Contest WinnerBlog12962007/21/201010/11/2019
Check Out VoicesNet’s New Collections and Make Your Own!Blog12870007/5/201010/11/2019
May 2010 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncementBlog13780006/29/201010/11/2019
Why you should use Collections to group your WritingsBlog11984145/28/201010/11/2019
VoicesNet Collections are Rolled out for WritersBlog11864145/22/201010/11/2019
Looking for Volunteer Content Reviewers Blog10540005/12/201010/11/2019
Members MosaicBlog118010005/7/201010/11/2019
March 2010 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncementBlog13678114/5/201010/11/2019
February 2010 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncementBlog12710004/5/201010/11/2019
December 2009 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncementBlog11032003/16/201010/11/2019
Writers - make sure to put your Poems in 2 CategoriesBlog11240003/9/201010/11/2019
Become Friends with VoicesNet.com's new Facebook PageBlog11850003/8/201010/11/2019
Homepage changes implementedBlog11342002/7/201010/11/2019
Facebook SHARE is now available at VoicesNet...Blog13014001/30/201010/11/2019
December 2009 VoicesNet.com Monthly Poetry Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog14242001/16/201010/11/2019
A CHRISTMAS STORY wins VoicesNet poll as top Christmas movie of all timeBlog10542001/10/201010/11/2019
July 2009 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog146140012/22/200910/11/2019
November 2009 VoicesNet.com Monthly Poetry Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog146810012/20/200910/12/2019
November 2009 Monthly VoicesNet.com Writers Contest Winner AnnouncementBlog110460012/20/200910/11/2019
Update on Self-printing servicesBlog110700012/15/200910/11/2019
Fan Notifications being sent out via EmailBlog130401112/9/200910/11/2019
VoicesNet Promotes Job Training and EducationBlog140801412/4/200910/11/2019
October 2009 Writers Contest WInner is....Blog135900011/28/200910/11/2019
VoicesNet Introduces PollsBlog122500011/26/200910/11/2019
June 2009 Monthly Writers Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog133610011/24/200910/11/2019
August 2009 Monthly Writers Contest Winner is....Blog119230011/23/200910/11/2019
October 2009 Poetry Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog144940011/22/200910/11/2019
Check out www.VoicesNet.mobiBlog122300011/16/200910/11/2019
September Writers Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog112620010/31/200910/13/2019
September Poetry Contest Announcement is behind scheduleBlog108710010/19/200910/10/2019
Update on Sept Hacker AttackBlog12683159/29/200910/10/2019
Site Dealing with some Hackers....Blog10870009/29/200910/10/2019
July 2009 Monthly Poetry Contest Winner...Blog13721008/7/200910/10/2019
Check us out on TwitterBlog12560007/25/200910/10/2019
May 2009 Writers Contest Winner is...Blog13985007/6/200910/10/2019
Happy 4th of July, 2009, from VoicesNet.comBlog12015007/4/200910/10/2019
New Monthly Poetry Contest Starts at VoicesNetBlog14261007/3/200910/10/2019
April Writers Contest Winner is (drum beat please)...Blog12728006/28/200910/10/2019
March 2009 Writers Contest Winner is...Blog122213156/28/200910/10/2019
February Writers Contest Winner is...Blog12888006/10/200910/10/2019
Be the first to use new Poem CategoriesBlog14626294/22/200910/10/2019
Happy Easter to all around the WorldBlog13433004/12/200910/10/2019
Keep up to date with VoicesNet at Twitter.comBlog13430003/22/200910/10/2019
Top Poem Ratings now Focuses on AuthorsBlog14218133/16/200910/10/2019
Link Back Information Added to Bottom of Main Poem Display PageBlog14731002/27/200910/10/2019
VoicesNet Internal Mail System FixedBlog13620002/21/200910/12/2019
New Quizzes Added to Quiz MasterBlog14210002/21/200910/10/2019
Try our First Writing QuizBlog13911002/9/200910/10/2019
Quizzes Coming SoonBlog12861002/9/200910/10/2019
December Writing Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog12455001/24/200910/10/2019
VoicesNet now has its own....Blog12222001/21/200910/12/2019
Make VoicesNet your Internet Browser's Default HomepageBlog122001112/26/200810/10/2019
Merry Christmas to All!!!Blog136440012/25/200810/10/2019
Help Us! VoicesNet Offers Affiliate Partners...Blog125600012/12/200810/10/2019
1313 Members and Visitors on SIteBlog124140012/8/200810/10/2019
November Writers Contest Winner AnnouncedBlog125510012/7/200810/10/2019
Poetry Contest Final Round UpdateBlog135010012/7/200810/10/2019
Happy Thanksgiving to all around the World!Blog146730011/26/200810/10/2019
Website Email Notifications Fixed and back onlineBlog122640011/22/200810/10/2019
Videos Section of Site back onlineBlog110600011/22/200810/10/2019
Winner of October Writing Contest AnnouncedBlog125560011/18/200810/10/2019
VoicesNet looking for Investment Partners in future LLCBlog125300011/12/200810/10/2019
Ad System at VoicesNet.comBlog122400011/1/200810/10/2019
Poetry Contest Poem Statuses FixedBlog141330010/30/200810/10/2019
VoicesNet Members MosaicBlog129040010/27/200810/13/2019
International Poetry Competition UpdateBlog139000010/27/200810/10/2019
One Week Left in October 2008 Writers ContestBlog130300010/23/200810/10/2019
City Pages UpdateBlog125800010/16/200810/10/2019
VoicesNet has new logo and banner on siteBlog12390009/28/200810/10/2019
Writing Contest - Writers WantedBlog12660009/12/200810/10/2019
Update on SIte City PagesBlog11580009/12/200810/10/2019
Traffic going up as School starts up!Blog12850009/4/200810/10/2019
Any web artists want to volunteer your work to VoicesNet.comBlog12780008/28/200810/10/2019
Public Relations Help Wanted at VoicesNet.comBlog10880008/28/200810/13/2019
Author Documents Page FixedBlog10890008/10/200810/10/2019
Olympics Poetry Category UnveiledBlog13822008/8/200810/11/2019
New Writing Competition - Writers WantedBlog12110007/28/200810/10/2019
VoicesNet Rating System OverhauledBlog10721007/28/200810/10/2019
Bug is fixed in EDIT page...Blog14311007/12/200810/11/2019
Recent Documents Pod Fixed on Home PageBlog10592007/9/200810/11/2019
Home Page at Voicesnet.com ChangedBlog11111007/6/200810/11/2019
VoicesNet Site SearchBlog14111007/5/200810/11/2019
Check out Member Search PageBlog11034007/4/200810/11/2019
Send us your videos...Blog14070007/1/200810/11/2019
Visions Journal Newsletter - Fathers Day Special - June 15, 2008Blog13780006/15/200810/11/2019
Recent Site Email ProblemsBlog11211006/7/200810/12/2019
To those who regularly Respond to poems, please read this...Blog13608146/4/200810/11/2019
Refresh your Browsers to flush any Malicious code from our webpages after recent Internet attackBlog10810005/29/200810/11/2019
Many Websites plus ours Maliciously AttackedBlog10761005/28/200810/10/2019
VoicesNet now available on your Cell Phones and PDAsBlog11080145/19/200810/11/2019
International Poetry Contest Winners AnnouncedBlog12954005/19/200810/11/2019
Visions Journal Newsletter - May 11, 2008Blog10270005/11/200810/12/2019
Samaritansfeet.org is a good cause - Put shoes on the feet of poor childrenBlog12141005/11/200810/11/2019
How to get your Writings Read at VoicesNetBlog12042005/11/200810/10/2019
Happy Mothers Day to all of the Moms from around the WorldBlog10180005/11/200810/11/2019
Reminder: Mothers Day is this WeekendBlog8641005/8/200810/11/2019
Recent Secret Forum / Writer Workshop Links added to HomepageBlog11281005/5/200810/11/2019
EDIT Page ImprovementsBlog12210155/5/200810/11/2019
Public Relation Interns or Volunteers WantedBlog11050005/5/200810/12/2019
VoicesNet monitors browser profiles for Security ReasonsBlog9920004/29/200810/12/2019
Authors' Main Poetry Profile Page UpdatedBlog9770004/27/200810/11/2019
Poet Charles is back to read your poemsBlog13471144/24/200810/11/2019
VoicesNet.com's Web Pages Load Very Quickly NowBlog10940004/22/200810/11/2019
105 Members now have FANSBlog10400004/15/200810/11/2019
New Visions Journal Newsletter AvailableBlog10831004/15/200810/11/2019
We are looking for Journal ArticlesBlog10580004/12/200810/11/2019
Thursday April 9, 2008 VoicesNet Website StatisticsBlog11000004/10/200810/11/2019
Special Thanks to the RegularsBlog11086004/10/200810/11/2019
Recent Documents on Home Page ModifiedBlog9190004/7/200810/11/2019
Documents By Categories Page ChangedBlog9020004/7/200810/11/2019
Website Database now coming back onlineBlog9860004/5/200810/10/2019
Poet Profile Pages UpdateBlog10060003/30/200810/11/2019
VoicesNet Link PolicyBlog10590003/30/200810/10/2019
Views Column added to Recent Documents PageBlog12480003/18/200810/10/2019
Become a Fan of a VoicesNet member - many have done so alreadyBlog7120003/18/200810/12/2019
Writers WantedBlog10570003/14/200810/11/2019
VoicesNet Database Switching to new Server SoonBlog9580003/3/200810/10/2019
Jokes and Riddles can now be added to your accountsBlog10260002/26/200810/12/2019
Additional Blog Categories Added to SystemBlog10080002/25/200810/12/2019
Try New [My Responses] Button on Responses Page Blog10161002/24/200810/10/2019
Disregard any Spam Requests for anything in VoicesNet Mail systemBlog11731002/22/200810/11/2019
Why I run VoicesNet in 100 simple words or less.Blog8820002/19/200810/11/2019
FANS available in Beta version at VoicesNetBlog9940002/18/200810/10/2019
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